NCERT Class-XII Biology Evolution NEET 2021,Zoology MCQs,PDFs

Evolution Mock Exam-10

Question No:1

The largest subdivision in geological time-scale is:

[A] Era
[B] Period
[C] Epoch
[D] Century

Question No:2

Which of the following is called ‘age offish’?

[A] Silurian
[B] Permian
[C] Devonian
[D] Cretaceous

Question No:3

Carboniferous period of coal deposition was:

[A] 50 million years ago
[B] 300 million years ago
[C] 500 million years ago
[D] 2000 million years ago

Question No:4

Mesozoic era is the age of:

[A] Birds
[B] Fishes
[C] Reptiles
[D] Mammals

Question No:5

Dinosaurs were the:

[A] First mammals
[B] Extinct reptiles
[C] Giant mammals
[D] First amphibians

Question No:6

If you want to see a dinosaur, it would be best to set the controls of your time machine for the:

[A] Mesozoic era
[B] Precambrian era
[C] Palaeozoic era
[D] Pleistocene period

Question No:7

Dinosaurs became extinct during:

[A] Jurassic
[B] Triassic
[C] Permian
[D] Cretaceous

Question No:8

Which era was dominated by reptiles?

[A] Mesozoic era
[B] Coenozoic era
[C] Palaeozoic era
[D] Archaeozoic era

Question No:9

Golden age of reptile was:

[A] Mesozoic era
[B] Coenozoic era
[C] Palaeozoic era
[D] Proterozoic era

Question No:10

The Jurassic period belongs to the era:

[A] Coenozoic
[B] Mesozoic
[C] Palaeozoic
[D] Archaeozoic

Question No:11

Evolution of unique groups of mammals in South America, Africa and Australia is an evidence supporting:

[A] Continental drift
[B] Glaciation
[C] Crustal movement
[D] Geographical juxtaposition

Question No:12

Occurrence of endemic species in South America and Australia is due to:

[A] Progressive evolution
[B] Continental separation
[C] Absence of terrestrial route to these places
[D] Extinction of these species in other regions

Question No:13

The first attempt to solve the problem of mechanism of organic evolution was made by:

[A] Oparin
[B] Darwin
[C] Wallace
[D] Lamarck

Question No:14

Lamarck was a:

[A] French naturalist
[B] German biologist
[C] British evolutionist
[D] American biochemist

Question No:15

Lamarck’s theory of evolution is called:

[A] Inheritance of acquired characters
[B] Theory of special creation
[C] Survival of fittest
[D] None of the above