NCERT Digestion Absorption MCQs,PDFs,mock,model Biology Test NEET

Digestion and Absorption Mock Exam-6

Question No:1

Major function performed by buccal cavity is

[A] mastication of food
[B] facilitation of swallowing
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:2

The bolus formed in buccal cavity conveyed into pharynx and then esophagus by the process called

[A] peristalsis
[B] emesis
[C] deglutination/swallowing
[D] dysglutination

Question No:3

Mucus hi saliva helps in lubricating and adhering the masticate food particle into a ________ in buccal cavity

[A] chyme
[B] chyle
[C] bolus
[D] any of the above

Question No:4

Saliva contains

[A] Salivary amylase / Ptyalin
[B] Electrolyte (Na+,K+,CI HCO3-etc.)
[C] Lysozyme
[D] All

Question No:5


[A] Anti viral agent
[B] Anti-bacterial agent
[C] Acts on lipid
[D] Acts on carbohydrates

Question No:6


[A] Cellular barrier
[B] Cytokine barrier
[C] Physiological barrier
[D] Physical barrier

Question No:7

How much % of starch is hydrolyzed in mouth?

[A] 30
[B] 50
[C] 70
[D] 90

Question No:8

Optimum pH for salivary enzyme is

[A] 6.2
[B] 5.8
[C] 6.8

Question No:9

Salivary amylase acts on

[A] slightly basic Ph
[B] highly acidic pH
[C] slightly acidic pH
[D] highly basic Ph

Question No:10

Gastric glands are situated in

[A] Sub-mucosa
[B] Mucosa
[C] Muscularis
[D] Serosa

Question No:11

Match the column:

A. Mucus neck cells
B. Peptic or Chief cells
C. Parietal / Oxyntic cells


1) HCI
2) Intrinsic factor
3) Pepsinogen
4) Mucus

[A] A->4,B->3,C->1,2
[B] A -> 1, 4, B -> 2, C->2
[C] A->4, B-> 1,3,C->2
[D] A -> 4, B ->2,3 C->1

Question No:12

Which is required for absorption of Vit B,12?

[B] Pepsin
[C] Intrinsic factor
[D] Amylase

Question No:13

The stomach stores food for

[A] 1 hr
[B] 2-3hr
[C] 4-5 hrs
[D] 30min

Question No:14

Digestion of carbohydrates starts from

[A] buccal cavity
[B] stomach
[C] small intestine
[D] large intestine

Question No:15

Select the total number of true statement from the following.
A. In stomach bolus is converted to chime
B. Chief cells secrets intrinsic factor required for absorption of Vit B12
C. Pepsinogen → HCI pepsin
D. Pepsin converts protein into amino acids.

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4