NCERT Digestion Absorption PDF,MCQs,model,mock Biology exam NEET

Digestion and Absorption Mock Exam-9

Question No:1

Carrier ions generally used for facilitated transport of fructose and some amino acids

[A] Ca2+
[B] Cl
[C] K+
[D] Na+

Question No:2

Amino acids, monosaccharide, electrolytes like Na+ are mainly absorbed by

[A] osmosis
[B] passive transport
[C] facilitated transport
[D] active transport

Question No:3

Which of the following statement is wrong about Chylomicrons?
A. Chylomicrons are produced in the epithelial cells of small intestinal
B. It contain triglycerides, cholesterol and phospholipids
C. It is protein coated small vesicles
D. Chylomicrons released from the epithelial cell into lacteals

[A] A and D only
[B] B and C only
[C] All
[D] None

Question No:4

Chylomicrons are concerned with the

[A] digestion of fats
[B] absorption of proteins
[C] digestion of protein
[D] absorption of fats

Question No:5

The absorbed substances finally reach the tissues which utilize them for their activities. This process is called

[A] assimilation
[B] emulsification
[C] catabolism
[D] digestion

Question No:6

Vomit center is situated at

[A] pons
[B] mid-brain
[C] cerebellum
[D] medulla

Question No:7


[A] is a voluntary process
[B] is carried out by a mass peristaltic movement
[C] both
[D] is otherwise known as ingestion

Question No:8

Which of the following statements is incorrect?

[A] Faecal accumulation in the rectum initiates a neural reflex causing an urge for its removal
[B] Reflex of vomiting is controlled by medulla
[C] Irregular bowel movements cause constipation
[D] In diarrhea absorption of food is increased

Question No:9

Marasmus is characterised by

[A] thinning of limbs
[B] skin become dry, thin and wrinkled
[C] decrease growth rate
[D] all

Question No:10

Maximum absorption of digested food takes place in

[A] mouth
[B] stomach
[C] small intestine
[D] large intestine

Question No:11

Absorption of simple sugar, water and alcohol takes place in

[A] mouth
[B] stomach
[C] small intestine
[D] large intestine

Question No:12

Mouth can absorb

[A] fatty acid
[B] certain drugs
[C] alcohol
[D] all

Question No:13

Jaundice occur due to increase level of

[A] CaCO3
[B] HCO3
[C] Bile pigments
[D] CO2

Question No:14

Following are parasite of intestine

[A] tapeworm and Roundworm
[B] thread worm and Hook worm
[C] pinworm
[D] all

Question No:15

Jaundice is a disorder of

[A] Excretory system
[B] Skin and eyes
[C] Digestive system
[D] Circulatory system