NCERT Digestion Absorption PDFs,MCQs,model,mock Biology Test NEET

Digestion and Absorption Mock Exam-2

Question No:1

An adult human has 32 permanent teeth which are of four different types and are called

[A] thecodont
[B] heterodont
[C] diphyodont
[D] lophodont

Question No:2

Arrangement of teeth in each half of the upper and lower jaw in the order I, C, PM, M is represented by

[A] Dental formula
[B] Odontology
[C] Dentology
[D] Enamel

Question No:3

Dental formula is given to show

[A] the structure of molars
[B] number and types of teeth in both jaws
[C] homodont condition
[D] diphyodont condition

Question No:4

Dental formula of human being is

[A] I2, C2, P1, M3
[B] I2, C1, P2 M3
[C] I3,C1,P2, M2
[D] I2, C2 P3M3

Question No:5

The hardest substance in vertebrate body is

[A] Keratin
[B] Dentine
[C] Chondrin
[D] Enamel

Question No:6

Select the incorrect statement among the following about human tongue.

[A] The human tongue has freely movable muscular organ
[B] It is attached to the floor of the oral cavity by the frenulum
[C] The upper surface of the tongue has small projections called papillae
[D] All papillae of human tongue bear taste buds

Question No:7

The tongue is attached to the floor of oral/buccal cavity by

[A] epiglottis
[B] frenulum
[C] gubernaculums
[D] mesentery

Question No:8

Which of the following acts as a common passage for food and air?

[A] Larynx
[B] Pharynx
[C] Oesophagus
[D] Glottis

Question No:9

A cartilaginous flap called ______ prevents the entry of food into the glottis (opening of the wind pipe) during swallowing,

[A] Capsule
[B] Epiglottis
[C] Glottis
[D] Gullet

Question No:10

Select the total number of correct statement from the following:
A. The esophagus and the trachea (wind pipe) open into the pharynx
B. The hard chewing surface of the teeth, made up of dentine, helps in the mastication of food.
C. The oral cavity leads into a long pharynx which serves as a common passage for food and air
D. The tongue is a freely movable muscular organ attached to the roof of the oral cavity by the frenulum

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4

Question No:11

Stomach is divided into how many major parts?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4

Question No:12

Which part of stomach opens into the first part of small intestine?

[A] Cardiac
[B] Fundic
[C] Pyloric
[D] Any of the above

Question No:13

Which of the following is a highly-coiled part of small intestine?

[A] Duodenum
[B] Jejunum
[C] Ileum
[D] All

Question No:14

A muscular sphincter that regulates the opening of oesophagus into stomach is

[A] Pyloric sphincter
[B] Gastro esophageal sphincter
[C] Sphincter of Oddi
[D] Cervical sphincter

Question No:15

Select the incorrect from the following.

[A] J-shape-stomach
[B] U-shape-duodenum
[C] Bean-shape-kidney
[D] O-shape-vasa recta