NCERT Breathing Exchange Gases model,model sample tests,mcq NEET

Breathing and Exchange of Gases Mock Test-2

Question No:1

Glottis is a passage for

[A] food
[B] air
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:2

Glottis is an opening in the floor of

[A] mouth
[B] trachea
[C] pharynx
[D] diaphragm

Question No:3

Which one protects the lungs?

[A] Ribs
[B] Vertebral column
[C] Sternum
[D] All

Question No:4

Which one has the smallest diameter?

[A] Right bronchus
[B] Left bronchus
[C] Secondary bronchiole
[D] Respiratory bronchiole

Question No:5

Lining of trachea is made of

[A] Simple squamous epithelium
[B] Simple cuboidal epithelium
[C] Pseudostratified epithelium
[D] Stratified cuboidal epithelium

Question No:6

Each terminal bronchiole gives rise to a number of very thin, irregular-walled and vascularized bag-like structures called

[A] alveoli
[B] respiratory bronchioles
[C] pleura
[D] follicles

Question No:7

Epiglottis is made up of

[A] fibrous cartilage
[B] hyaline cartilage
[C] elastic cartilage
[D] calcified cartilage

Question No:8

Covering of the lungs is called

[A] Perichondrium
[B] Pleural membrane
[C] Pericardium
[D] Peritoneum

Question No:9

Read the following statements:
A. It is double layered and covers and lungs
B. Outer layer is in contact with thoracic wall
C. Fluid is present between these layers
D. Inner layer is in contact with lungs
The above features refer to

[A] pericardium
[B] peritoneum
[C] perichondrium
[D] pleura

Question No:10

The part starting with the external nostrils up to the terminal bronchioles constitute the

[A] respiratory of respiratory system
[B] exchange part of respiratory system
[C] expiratory part
[D] conducting part of respiratory system

Question No:11

Respiratory or exchange part of the respiratory system consists of

[A] all bronchi
[B] all bronchioles
[C] all bronchi and terminal bronchioles
[D] alveoli and their ducts

Question No:12

Sites of gaseous exchange in lungs are

[A] alveoli
[B] bronchi
[C] bronchioles
[D] pleura

Question No:13

Pleura is double membrane sac which envelops

[A] Kidneys
[B] Brain
[C] Lungs
[D] Nasal passage

Question No:14

Following are functions of conducting part of the respiratory system

[A] removal of foreign particles from incoming air
[B] humidifies incoming air
[C] bring the temperature of incoming air to body temperature
[D] all

Question No:15

…… the site of actual diffusion of O2 and CO2 between blood and atmospheric air.

[A] All bronchi
[B] All bronchioles
[C] All bronchi and terminal bronchioles
[D] Alveoli and their ducts