Morphology of flowering Plants test-7 -

Morphology of flowering Plants test-7

1. Phyllode is present in as


2. Which one of the following is correctly matched?


3. Vexillary aestivation is characteristic of the family


4. An example of axile placentation is


5. Vegetative propagation in mint occurs by :


6. Replum is present in the ovary of


7. Velamen present in orchids help in


8. What types of placentation is seen in sweet pea?


9. Choose the correct match :


10. Velamen is a specialized tissue found in


11. A plant has a butterfly shaped flower with one standard two wing like and two keel petals. The plant belongs to the family


12. Cuscuta is a


13. The thick root that hanging down from a banyan tree are called


14. Leguminous crops are agriculturally important as they :


15. Edible part of coconut is:


16. Which of the following is a total root parasite?


17. Epigynous flowers are present in


18. In Dianthus, placentation is


19. The term ‘keel’ is used for special type of


20. Modified petioles performing the function of photosynthesis are called :


21. The tendrils of pea plant are modified