Morphology of flowering Plants test-5 -

Morphology of flowering Plants test-5

1. The phyllotaxy in which two leaves arise from a bud at each node is


2. A monocot with parallel venation is


3. A monocot leaf has parallel venation but there are some monocot leaves which have reticulate venation


4. Whorled leaves are found in


5. What type of venation is found in Banana (Musa)?


6. An imparipinnate leaf has


7. Palmate compound leaf is found in


8. Part of Petiole is modified into tendril in


9. When rachis bears a number of leaflets laterally, it is called a


10. In Acacia melanoxylon, the part modified to form phyllode is


11. In Bombax(silk cotton), compound leaf is


12. In Cacti, leaves are modified into


13. Identify the plant with reticulate venation


14. Monocots are distinct from dicots in


15. The storage leaves are found in


16. Rachis is absent in


17. A pair of insectivorous plants is


18. Petiole of Australian Acacia helps in


19. A condensed flattened floral axis is called


20. Leafless stem of onion which is produced to bear flowers is called


21. Flower is zygomorphic in


22. If a plant bears unisexual, bisexual and even neutral flowers, it is called


23. Epicalyx is


24. Largest petal in papilionaceous corolla is called is


25. Funnel shaped corola is found in