Morphology of flowering Plants test-4 -

Morphology of flowering Plants test-4

1. Vertically growing underground stem is


2. A subaerial stem rooted at every node is


3. Type of sub – aerial stem in Chrysanthemum is


4. A modified stem that performs photosynthesis is


5. Pentamerous flowers with monadelphous stamens found in


6. A weak aerial stem that coils around an upright support to climb up with the help of its sensitive structure called


7. The eyes of potato are nodes. These eyes in potato are popularly used as


8. Food present in bulbs of onion and garlic occurs in


9. A disc like reduced stem is found in


10. Underground stem in potato is


11. Tendril is axillary in


12. Stolon is found in


13. In Citrus and Bougainvillea, the thorns are the modified


14. Phylloclade is found in


15. Scape is


16. Leaves in phylloclade of Opuntia are modified into


17. When the entire stem with its all branches become green, flat, fleshy leafy to do photosynthesis and leaves are modified into spines, it is called


18. Stipules are persistant in


19. Petiole is modified to perform photosynthesis in


20. Leaf bases are fleshy and store food in


21. Leaf modification in water hyacinth is


22. Common character found in chinarose and lily is


23. In pinnately compound leaflets are found on


24. The seed of maize is called


25. A stalk by which leaf attaches with the stem is called