Morphology of flowering Plants test-3 -

Morphology of flowering Plants test-3

1. Insectivorous plants trap insects to fulfil their


2. In maize, the fibrous roots develop from


3. Prop roots, stilt roots and pneumatophorems are


4. In Asparagus, food is stored in its


5. Chrysanthemum is propagated with the help of


6. Respiratory roots are seen in


7. Contractile roots are found in :


8. Roots grow deeper in search of water in :


9. Dahlia is propagated through :


10. Conical storage root is found in


11. Nodular roots are found in


12. Tap (primary) root is descending axis that develops from


13. Region of fastest growth in root is


14. Adventitious roots are


15. Which is not a root ?


16. Pneumatophores are common in


17. A tap root is always


18. Mycorrhizae are symbiotic association between


19. In maize and sugarcane stem, stilt roots arise from


20. Root hairs develop from


21. Roots are called adventitious depending on their


22. Pneumatophores of mangrooves differ from respiratory roots of Jussiaea in being


23. Root hair absent in hydrophytes because


24. Fibrous roots are found mostly in


25. Rhizophora has