Morphology of Flowering Plants Quiz-1 -

Morphology of Flowering Plants Quiz-1

1. Root hairs are


2. Hanging structures in banyan tree are


3. Underground stem that stores food is found in


4. Underground stem in strawberry


5. Pulvinus leaf base is present in the leaves of


6. Phyllotaxy is whorled in


7. Type of placentation in the ovary of Argemone flower


8. Fibrous mesocarp is found in the fruit of


9. Root system develops from


10. Vexillary aestivation of corolla is found in


11. Placentation in Fabaceae is


12. Tap root in Beta vulgaris is


13. Reticulate venation is found in the leaves of


14. Which of the following is not an underground stem ?


15. Phyllode is a modification of


16. A racemose inflorescence produces flower


17. In angiosperms, pollengrain is the first cell of


18. Fruit is a fertilized and ripened


19. Fruit with edible juicy mesocarp is found in


20. The arrangement of ovules within the ovary is known as


21. Dicots differ from monocots in the presence of


22. Zygomorphic flower in the following is


23. Perigynous flower and diadelphous condition are found in the family


24. Monadelphous condition of stamens and pentacarpellary ovary are present in


25. Bicarpellary gynoecium and oblique ovary occurs in