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Marketing Aptitude MCQ-6

1. Global marketing is


2. The Chairman of Unilever states that the world is just one big market. He feels anyone not taking this stance is systematically passing up profitable business. His approach MOST closely resembles


3. McDonald’s and B KFC satisfy hungry consumers in every hemisphere. This is an example of


4. Global marketing involves developing marketing strategies as if the world is one market. Which one of the following marketing mix variables is MOST difficult to standardize for global marketing?


5. When Graphic Products decided to go international with its marketing effort, it adopted a totally global approach. Which one of the following factors did GP MOST likely experience difficulty with as the firm applied a global strategy for marketing?


6. When products are introduced into one nation from another, acceptance is far more likely


7. Which of the following is often used to raise revenue for a country and/or to protect domestic products?


8. The ______ is the difference in value between a nation’s exports and its imports.


9. JCB would look to which of the following factors to determine how trade barriers would affect its ability to market its earth-moving equipment in various countries?


10. Which of the following statements about technological forces in international marketing is TRUE?


11. USA Chemicals’ president is very excited about the possibility of the firm’s British subsidiary having access to the entire EU. He realizes that it will be some time before this area truly becomes one market, primarily because of differences in


12. Countries in the Pacific Rim encompass —— of the world’s population.


13. The lowest level of commitment to international marketing, and also the most flexible approach, is


14. Export agents


15. Cuisinart Corporation owns the Spalding name but does not produce a single golf club or tennis ball. This arrangement could indicate what type of organizational structure for international marketing?


16. Nuhitzu believes it has the technological expertise to produce communication systems that will be the leaders around the globe. Boston Electronics is widely regarded as having excellent management systems and superior marketing programme The two might form _______ to work together on a worldwide basis.


17. Once a company makes a long-term commitment to a foreign market that has a promising political and economic environment, what becomes a possibility?


18. ICI has subsidiaries in many countries. ICI is


19. Body Shop and Benetton are examples of companies which have employed ————— as a market entry strategy.


20. Which approach to international marketing involves least risk and minimum effort?