Marketing GK Bank Exams,IBPS POs,GIC,SBI Clerks,RBI,RRB,LIC AAO

Marketing Aptitude MCQ-74

68 The planning, direction and control of all stages in the life of a Product from the time of its creation to the time of its removal from the company’s line of Product is known as—

(A) Product Planning
(B) Product Costing and Pricing
(C) Wage
(D) Salary

68 What is the Price ?

(A) It is a Product
(B) It is monetary value
(C) It is a loss
(D) All of these

68 Industry network includes—

(A) Partner
(B) Lobbying Groups
(C) Finance
(D) Direct Network

68 Marginal Cost’s advantages is/are—

(A) Make or buy decision
(B) Helpful in budgetary Control
(C) Preparing tenders
(D) All of these

68 Which is a tool for Compaign Management ?

(A) e-mail
(B) System
(C) Office
(D) Plant

68 Which is the factors of Media Selection Decision ?

(A) Message
(B) Object or aim of the Advertising
(C) Advertiser’s Usage
(D) All of these

68 Rural Marketing is suitable for—

(A) Digital Product
(B) Cement Industry
(C) Petrochemical Industry
(D) Hotel

68 A………. like any organisation, is a group of individuals Striving Jointly to reach certain common goals and bearing informal as well as certain formal relations to each other.

(A) Sales organisation
(B) Sales quota and Method
(C) Purchase depts.
(D) Management

68 The Sources of Salesman recruitment includes —

(A) From the inside of business
(B) Employment Exchange
(C) Employees of Customers
(D) All of these

68 Method of Salesmen Supervision involves—

(A) Individual Field Supervision
(B) Individual Sales Office Supervision
(C) Group Supervision
(D) All of these

68 ………… consists of contacting Prospective buyers of Product Personally.

(A) Personal selling
(B) Product Mix or Marketing Mix
(C) Sales
(D) Product

68 Creation of demand is important function of-

(A) Marketing organisation
(B) Selling
(C) Old Concept of marketing

68 Marketing Planning in function oriented organisation includes—

(A) Personal Sales Scheme and Product planning
(B) Sales Promotion
(C) Marketing Research
(D) All of these

68 The Sale of advertising is a model of—

(A) Internet Marketing
(B) Green Marketing
(C) Social Marketing
(D) All of these

68 Which is the type of option—

(A) Put option
(B) Call option
(C) Performance and Planning option
(D) Both A and B