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marketing Aptitude MCQ-1

1. Lever Bros, markets a number of different brands of laundry detergents including Radion, Persil Power, Persil Colour and Surf. Each of these specific versions of laundry detergents can be described as:


2. A brand name is one of the elements of the


3. Procter & Gamble makes at least eight different detergents This illustrates:


4. A product item can be best described as a


5. A group of closely related product items that are considered to be a unit because of marketing, technical, or end-use considerations is a product


6. The depth of a product mix is measured by the average number of


7. Beatrice Company markets such diverse products as Rosarita Mexican foods and Samsonite luggage. These various offerings exhibit Beatrice’s product mix


8. Aggressive pricing is typical during the _ stage of the product life cycle.


9. Sales usually start to decline ______ of the product life cycle.


10. An ad that stresses Demand the real Lucas Wine Cooler; accept no substitutes! is best geared for which stage of the product life cycle?


11. Persil is the best selling laundry detergent in the UK. When Lever Bros, used the Persil brand name for its washing up liquid it was adopting — —— policy.


12. Firms that use —— are less likely to damage their reputations if a new product fails.


13. Which of the following is NOT a desirable feature for a brand name?


14. Which of the following is an example of a manufacturers brand?


15. Andrex toilet tissue is a _____ for Kimberly-Scott Corporation.


16. The Nike swoosh that is prominent on all of the firm’s packaging, products, and advertising is a:


17. Own label brands are initiated an owned by


18. The major characteristic of own label brands is that


19. At one time, generic brands represent ed about 10 percent of all retail grocery sales. Today they account for


20. Dakotah, a South Dakota-based pro ducer and marketer of fine home furnishings, authorized Dan River Mills to produce and market a line of sheets under the Dakotah name. This arrangement is an example of