Indian Geography SSC CHGL,IBPS,Bank Exams,Competitive exam

Indian Indian Geography Mock Test-70

Question No:1

Pyrometer is used for measuring

(A) Air pressure
(B) Humidity
(C) High temperature
(D) Intensity of earthquake

Question No:2

which one of the following rivers floews in a rift valley?

(A) Amazon
(B) Indus
(C) Volga
(D) Rhine

Question No:3

which one of the following Countries of Africa has luxurious tropical rain forest ?

(A) Ivory coast
(B) Kenya
(C) Zimbabwe
(D) Union of south Africa

Question No:4

which of the following statements are true regarding petroleum ?
I.Nearly 60 per cent of the worlds petroleum reserves are found in the middle east
II. Alaska has proved petroleum resources comparable to taxas
III. The USA is both a major producer and a major importer of petroleum
select the correct answer from the odes given below: ,br/>,br/>Codes:

(A) I and II
(B) II and III
(C) I and III
(D) All are true

Question No:5

The leading producer of copper in the world is

(A) Australia
(B) China
(C) India
(D) U. S. A

Question No:6

The highest amount of salinity is found in

(A) Baltic sea
(B) Black sea
(C) Dead sea
(D) Red sea

Question No:7

which one of the following provides the correct sequence of occurrence of four towns/cities as one proceed from west to east?

(A) Rajkot, Baroda, Kharagpur, Bilaspur
(B) Bikaner, Aligarh, Darbhanga,Nowgong
(C) Indore, Rourkela, Agartala, Jamshedpur
(D) Nasik, Auranga bad, Berhampur, Nanded

Question No:8



Question No:9

In Mizoram the settlement pattern is mostly of ‘liner type along the ridges because:

(A) The valleys are cooler than the ridges
(B) Accessibility is easier on the ridges tops
(C) The ridges are cooler than the valleys
(D) The valleys are densely forested

Question No:10

A rainy day as defind by the Indian meteorological department is a day when the rain fall at a point received is

(A) 0.5mm to 1 mm in 24 hours
(B) 1.1 mm to 1.5 mm in 24 hours
(C) 1.6 mm to 2 mm in24 hours
(D) above 2.5 mm in 24 hours

Question No:11

which among the following pairs of places have most marked difference in total rain fall per annum even through located approximately along the same latitude ?

(A) Bangalore and Madras
(B) Bombay and Visakhpatnam
(C) Ajmer and Shilong
(D) Nagpur and Calcutta

Question No:12

through a few (gas based) industries good reserves of natural gas
1. In India remain unutilized this vast resource of natural gas can be used in the production of

(A) Fertilizers
(B) Carbide
(C) Graphite
(D) Synthetic petroleum

Question No:13

soils of western Rajasthan have a high content of

(A) Aluminium
(B) calcium
(C) Nitrogen
(D) Phosphorus

Question No:14

consider map given below:
Ywo tourists travelling from delhi one to Karachi and the other to bhuj wanted to heve company the railway junction upto which they can travel together as shown in the map is

(A) Phulers
(B) Jodhpur
(C) Luni
(D) Balotra

Question No:15

the Neyveli thermal power plant is fed by

(A) Gondwana coal
(B) Tertiary coal
(C) Quaternary coal
(D) Cambrian coal

Question No:16

according the ancient India geographical concept Bharata varsha was a part of

(A) pushkaradweep
(B) Jambudweepa
(C) Krauchadweepa
(D) Kushadweepa

Question No:17

which one of the following is the best strategy for environment friendly sustainable development in India agriculture

(A) expansion of cultivable land increased use of superphosphate urea effect biocides
(B) wider poplarization of high yelding crop varities better and move frequent irrigation and increased frequency of aerial sparys of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides
(C) mixed cropping organic manures nitrogen fixing plant and pest resistant crop varieties
(D) improved farm implents and machinery use to potent insecticides to minimize post harvest grain lsses and monoculture crooping practices

Question No:18

at the present state of our knowledge and resource position India will remain self sufficient for the next three decades in

(A) tin
(B) coking coal
(C) copper
(D) petroleum

Question No:19

which of the following shows the descending order of the four metropolitan cities in the India sub-continent so far as their population strength is concerned

(A) Bombay Calcutta Dhaka New Delhi
(B) Bombay Calcutta New Delhi Karachi
(C) Bombay Calcutta Karachi New Delhi
(D) Calcutta Bombay Dhaka Karachi

Question No:20

the hallmark of watershed development in the semi arid regions India is the

(A) establishment of sheds on large scale so that the rain water does not evaporate
(B) undertaking of earth works soil conservation measures and tree plantation so as to conserve
(C) drilling deep tube-wells so as to tap water at the rocks strata level
(D) setting up a system of tanks by embanking water from seasonal rivers