Indian Geography UPSC Civil Services,NDA,CDS,State PSCs

Indian Geography Mock Test – 31

Question No:1

Which one among the following groups of items contains only biodegradable items?

(A) Wood, grass, plastic
(B) Wood, grass, leather
(C) Fruit peels, limejuice, china clay cup
(D) Lime juice, grass, polystyrene cup

Question No:2

Which one among the following industries produces the most- biodegradable wastes?

(A) Thermal power plants
(B) Food processing units
(C) Textile mills
(D) paper mills

Question No:3

which among the following monoculture crops provides immediate cash to the farmers
1. Tea in assam
2. Rubber in africa
3. Sugar cane in malayisa
4. Coffee in brazil
select the correct answer using the code given below

(A) 1 only
(B) 2 and 3
(C) 3 and 4
(D) 1 and 4

Question No:4

match the following
List I( natural vegetation)
List II(annual rainfall recevvied)
a. tropical evergreen forest
1. 100-200 cm
b. tropical deciduous forest
2. Above 200 cm
c. tropical dry forest
3. Less than 50 cm
d. arid forest
5. 50-100 cm
codes: A B C D

(A) 1 2 5 3
(B) 4 3 1 5
(C) 2 1 5 3
(D) 2 1 3 4

Question No:5

photochemical smog occours in

(A) cool and humid climate
(B) warm dry and sunny climate
(C) cool dry and sunny climate
(D) warm and humid climate

Question No:6

wind often found to blow in a hot summer day due to

(A) conduction of heat between air and soil on the earth
(B) radiation from the soil
(C) convetion current of air
(D) none of the above

Question No:7

most of the communication satellites today are placed in a geostationary orbit in order to stay over the same spot on the earth a geostationary satellite has to be directly above the

(A) tropic of cancer
(B) either north or south pole
(C) equator
(D) tropic of caparcion

Question No:8

the term demographic gap signfices the difference

(A) in sex ratio
(B) in age
(C) in child/women ratio
(D) between the birth and the death rate

Question No:9

polar bears are carnivores and pery on many arctics birds and fish however under natural conditions no one ound polar found polar bears predating any penduin this is because

(A) peigun have chemical substance in their muscles which is toxic polar bears
(B) penguins are gregarious and always move in groups, therefore a polar bear cannot approach them
(C) polar bears and penguins never coexist under natural conditions.The former leves in the north pole while the letter lives in the south pole
(D) polar bears and peugins displays symbiotic relationships and they help each other for their existence in the ice-cold ecosystem

Question No:10

consider the following statement regarding black soil in India
1. Black soil becomes sticky when it is wet
2. Black soils contains adequeate nitrogen as well as phosphorus required for the growth of plants
which of the statement given above is/are correct

(A) 1 only
(B) 2 only
(C) both 1 and 2
(D) neither 1 nor 2

Question No:11

Rainwater collected after 30 to 40 minutes of raining is not suitable for drinking because it

(A) Contains bacteria and dirt
(B) Contain dissolved toxic chemicals
(C) is deficient in minerals
(D) is acidic

Question No:12

Why do fold mountains have enomous thickness of sedimentary rocks ?

(A) Due to deposition of sediments in a valley for millions of years
(B) Due to accumulation of sediments in a geosynclines
(C) the plains were folded in to mountains
(D) The sediments were folded into recumbent and nappe folds

Question No:13

The Vindhyan system of rocks is important for the production of

(A) Precious stones and building materials
(B) b Iron ore and manganese
(C) Bauxite and mica
(D) Copper and uranium

Question No:14

Currently half of the world’s population lives in just six countries , Indentify them from the following

(A) India, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Bangladesh, Indonesia
(B) India, China, Bangladesh, South Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia
(C) China, Indonesia, United states, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan
(D) China, India, Bangladesh, United states, Pakistan, Indonesia

Question No:15

The Earth revolves around the sun in an elliptical path and the sun is located at one focus of the ellipse imagine a situation in which earth goes around the sun on a circular path.

Which one among the following would result in under that situation ?

(A) It would not make any difference
(B) difference between seasons will be reduced
(C) the earth would become very hot
(D) the earth would become very cold

Question No:16

Asia has large areas of inland drainage, why is it so ?

(A) Rainfall is seasonal and scanty
(B) there are a number of intermittent plateaus
(C) River channels are obstructed by lava flows
(D) It is a very large continent

Question No:17

In the interior of the earth

(A) The temperature falls with increasing depth
(B) The pressure falls with increasing depth
(C) The temperature rises with inceasing depth
(D) Both temperature and pressure fall with increasing depth

Question No:18

The angular speed of a whirlwind in a tornado towards the centre

(A) Decreases rapidly
(B) Increases
(C) remains constant
(D) Slowly become zero

Question No:19

which one among the following statements is correct ?

(A) In summer season, the duration of day is more in northern hemisphere
(B) In winter season , the duration of day is more in northern hemisphere
(C) In summer season , the duration of day is less in northern hemisphere
(D) In winter season , the duration of day is more in southern hemisphere

Question No:20

what is the similarity between Milwaukee Deep, Java Trench and Challenger Deep?

(A) They all are trenches in the pacific Ocean
(B) They are the deepest points of the Atlantic, Indian and pacific oceans respectively
(C) They all are trenches in the Indian Ocean
(D) They all are deeps of the Atlantic Ocean