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Indian Indian Geography Mock Test-64

Question No:1

Sriharikota is situated in which of the following States ?

(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Kerala
(C) Karnataka
(D) Andhra Pradesh

Question No:2

The Indian wild ass, largely confined to the Rann of Kutch, is fast becoming an endangered spacies becoming an endangered species because of

(A) Insufficient vegetation
(B) Large scale domestication
(C) Excessive depredation
(D) poaching

Question No:3

Consider the following provinces of former Yugoslavia
1. Bosnia
2. Croatia
3. Slovenia
4. Yugoslavia
the correct sequence of these provinces from the east to west is

(A) 4, 1 3 2
(B) 4 1, 2 3
(C) 1, 4, 3, 2
(D) 1, 4, 2, 3

Question No:4

The correct sequence of the given planets in increasing order of their distance from the sun is

(A) Mercury , Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter
(B) Venus, mercurty, mars, Saturn, and Jupiter
(C) Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
(D) Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn

Question No:5

Richer scale is a/an side to measure earth trmors

(A) Exponential
(B) Logarithmic
(C) Geometric
(D) Physical

Question No:6

where is the Doldrums Belt is located ?

(A) Near the equator
(B) Near the poles
(C) Near the tropic of the cancer
(D) Near the Tropic of Capricorn

Question No:7

more than 90% of the rock forming minerals in the earth’s crust consist

(A) Silicate
(B) Oxide
(C) Carbonate
(D) Sulphates

Question No:8

Making Ganga Cooperation project is

(A) An irrigation project involving India and Myanmar
(B) A joint tourism initiative of some Asia countries
(C) A hydro-electric power project involving India, Bangladesh and Myanmar
(D) A defence and security agreement of India with its eastern neighbours

Question No:9

Match List-I and list-II and select the correct answer using the codes below

List-I (Local wind) List-II (Region)

a. Fohn 1. Argentina
b. Samon 2. Kurdistan
c. Santa ana 3. Clifornia
d. Zonda 4. Alps



(A) 2 4 1 3
(B) 4 2 3 1
(C) 2 4 3 1
(D) 4 2 1 3

Question No:10

If stars are seen to rise perpendicular to the horizon by an observer, he is located on

(A) Equator
(B) Tropical Cancer
(C) South pole
(D) North pole

Question No:11

Cloudy nights are warmer compared to clear cloudless nights, because clouds:

(A) Prevent cold waves from the sky from desending on earth
(B) Reflect back the heat given by earth
(C) Produce heat and radiate it towards the earth
(D) Absorb heat from the atmosphere and send it towards earth

Question No:12

Consider the following statements regarding the earthquakes:
1. The intensity of measured on Mercalli scale
2. The magnitude of an earthquakes is a measure of energy released
3. Earthquakes magnitudes are based on direct measurements of amplitudes of seismic waves
4. In the Richer scale, each hole number demonstrates a hundred fold increase in the amount of energy released
which of these statements are correct ?

(A) 1, 2 and 4
(B) 2, 3 and 4
(C) 1 and 4
(D) 1 and 3

Question No:13

Consider the following statements
1. Most magma are a combination of liquid, solid and gas
2. Water vapour and carbondioxide are the principal gases dissolved in a magma
3. Basaltic magma , is hotter than Silicic magma
4. The magma solidified between sedimentary rocks in a horizontal position is known as dike
Given below is a map of America


(A) 1, 2 and 3
(B) 2, 3 and 4
(C) 1 and 4
(D) 1, 2 and 4

Question No:14

Consider the following astral bodies
1. Sirius
2. Venus
3. Mars
which correct sequence in decreasing order of their brightnesses is

(A) 2, 3 and 1
(B) 1,2 and 3
(C) 3, 2 and 1
(D) 2, 1 and 3

Question No:15

which one of the following sea is without a coast line ?

(A) white sea
(B) Saragossa sea
(C) Sea of Okhotsk
(D) Tasmania Sea

Question No:16

The New population bomb refers to:

(A) an increase in the population of the aged in the Third world
(B) rapidly growing urban population in the third world
(C) large scale distress migration in the third world
(D) Deluge of sovietemigeants

Question No:17

An aeroplane takes off from 30 North Lat, 50 East , Long, and the opposite end of the earth. Where does it land ?

(A) 30 North Lat , 50 West Long
(B) 30 South lat 50 west long
(C) 50 North lat 30 west long
(D) 50 South lat 30 west long

Question No:18

The length of its day and the tilt of its axis are almost identical to those of the earth. This is true of

(A) Uranus
(B) Neptune
(C) Saturn
(D) Mars

Question No:19

The shaded (marked 1 and 2) dotted (marked 3) and the plain areas (marked 4 ) indicate respectively, the regions where the language spoken are :

(A) Spanish , French, Potuguese and others
(B) French, Spanish, Portuguese, and others
(C) French, portuguese, Spanish, and English
(D) Portuguese, French, Spanish, and others

Question No:20

Consider the map given below: The numbers marked 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively indicate the islands of :

(A) the Bahamas, Azores, Falkland and Cape verde
(B) the Bahamas, Azores, Cape verde and Falkland
(C) Azores, Cape verde, the Bahamas and Falkland
(D) Cape verde, the Bahamas, Falkland and Azores