Indian Geography UPSC Civil Services,NDA,CDS,Railways,SSC

Indian Indian Geography Mock Test-72

Question No:1


Question No:2


Question No:3

The Indian sub-continent was originallypart of a huge land mass called ?

(A) Jurassic landmass
(B) AryaVarta
(C) Indian
(D) Gondwana continent

Question No:4

Alpine vegetation in the western Himalayas is found only up to a highest of 3000 metre while in the Eastern Himalayas, it is found found up to a hight of 4000 metre. The reson for this variation in the same mountain rang is that

(A) estern Himalayas are higher than western Himalayas
(B) eastern Himalayas are nearer to the equator and sea cost than western Himalayas
(C) eastern Himalayas get more monsoon rainfall than the western Himalayas
(D) Eastern Himalayas rocks are more fertile than the western Himalayan rocks

Question No:5

According to the 1991 census, the highest percentage of population in India is to be found in the Age group of :

(A) 60 years and above
(B) 35to 55 years
(C) 25 to 34 years
(D) 5to 14 years

Question No:6

“ Monoculture of commercially viable trees is destroying the unique natural profile of thoughtless explonation of timber, deforesting vast tracts for palm cultivation , destruction of mangrove, illegal by tribals and poaching only compound the problem fresh water pockets ‘ are fast drying up due to deforestation of mangroves’ the place referred to in this quotation is

(A) Sunder bans
(B) Kerala cost
(C) Orissa cost
(D) Andaman and nicobar Islands

Question No:7

the palaeomagnetic results obtained from India indicate that in the Indian landmass has moved:

(A) north ward
(B) south ward
(C) east ward
(D) west ward

Question No:8

which one of the following rivers thrice forks into two streams and reunites a few miles farther on , thus forming the islands of Srirangappatanam, Sivasamudram and Srirangam?

(A) Cauvery
(B) Tungabhadra
(C) Krishna
(D) Godavari

Question No:9

As per 2001 census . which one of the following States has a lower population density than the other three ?

(A) Skkim
(B) Nagaland
(C) Meghalaya
(D) Manipur

Question No:10

which one of the following regions of India is now regarded as an “ecological hot spot” ?

(A) Western Himalayas
(B) Eastern Himalayas
(C) western ghats
(D) Eastern ghats

Question No:11

high temperature and low pressure over the Indian sub-continenet during the summer season, draws air from the Indian ocean leading to the in blowing of the

(A) South- east monsoon
(B) South-west monsoon
(C) Trade winds
(D) wester lies

Question No:12

‘ Saddle peak’ the highest peak of Andaman and Nicobarisland is located in:

(A) Grat Nicobar
(B) Middle Andaman
(C) Little Andaman
(D) North Andaman

Question No:13

match list I (ores) with list II (state where they are mined) and select the correct answer by using the codes given below the lists

List –I —– List-II

a. Manganese a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Nickel b. Orissa
c. Lead-zinc c. Rajasthan
d. Asbestos d. Andhra Pradesh

codes :

A) B) C) D)

(A) 1 3 2 4
(B) 4 3 2 1
(C) 1 2 3 4
(D) 4 2 3 1

Question No:14

which one of the following paire s are correctly matched ?
1. Idukki-Thermal power station
2. Sabargiri-Hydro-electric project
3. Ghat prabha-Irrigation project
4. Ramganga –multipurpose project

select the correct answer from the codes given below :

(A) 2, and 3 and 4
(B) 1, 2, 3 and 4
(C) 3 and 4
(D) 1 and 4

Question No:15

which one of the following is an important crop of the Barkar Valley ?

(A) Jute
(B) Tea
(C) Sugarcane
(D) Cotton

Question No:16

Consider the following programmes:
1. Afforeststion and development of wastelands
2. Reforestation and replantation in existing forests
3. Encouraging the wood substitutes and supplying other type of fuel
4. Promotion of wide use of insecticides and pesticides to restrict the loss of forest area from degradation caused by pests and insects The national forest policy of 1988 includes

(A) 1, 2, 3 and 4
(B) 2 and 4
(C) 1, 3 and 4
(D) 1, 2 and 3

Question No:17

Local supply of coal is not available to

(A) TISCO, Jamshed pur
(B) VSL, Bhadravati
(C) HSL, Durga pur
(D) HSL, Bhilai

Question No:18

which one of the following areas of India produces largest amount of cotton ?

(A) North-western india and Gangetic west Bengal
(B) North –west and western India
(C) western and southern India
(D) plains of Northern India

Question No:19

The palk starit lies between

(A) Gulf of kachch and Gulf of khambhat
(B) Gulf of manner and bay of Bengal
(C) Lakshadweep and Maldives Islands
(D) Andman and Nikobar Islands

Question No:20

which one of the following sets of commodities are exported to India by arid and semi-arid countries in the middle east?

(A) Raw wool carpets
(B) Fruits and palm oil
(C) precious stones and pearls
(D) perfiume and coffee