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Indian Indian Geography Mock Test-68

Question No:1

The first three leading producers of iron ore in the world are ?

(A) Australia, China, U.S.A
(B) China, Russia, Australia,
(C) Russia, U.S.A, China
(D) U.S.A, Russia, U.K

Question No:2

The Bermuda triangle lies in :

(A) North Atlantic Ocean
(B) South Atlantic Ocean
(C) North pacific Ocean
(D) South pacific Ocean

Question No:3

Diamond Harbour and Salt Lke city are situated in :

(A) California
(B) Florida
(C) Hong Kong
(D) Calcutta

Question No:4

Which is a celestial phenomenon occurring due to stars ?

(A) Ozone hole
(B) Black hole
(C) Rain bow
(D) Comet

Question No:5

At the time summer solstice in the northern hemisphere the length of the day will be 12 hours at the :

(A) Tropic of Cancer
(B) Tropic of Capricorn
(C) Arctic circle
(D) Equator

Question No:6

The Ozone layer lies in the

(A) Troposphere
(B) Tropopause
(C) Stratosphere
(D) Photosphere

Question No:7

Bauxite is an ore of

(A) Lead
(B) Aluminium
(C) Zinc
(D) Copper

Question No:8

The planet nearest to the earth is :

(A) Mercury
(B) Venus
(C) Mars
(D) Jupiter

Question No:9

At the winter solstice the noon altitude of the sun at the Tropic of Cancer is

(A) #5
(B) #0
(C) 47
(D) 66.5

Question No:10

the Ozone layer in the atmosphere

(A) cause rainfall
(B) creates pollution
(C) protects life on earth from ultraviolet radiation
(D) produces Oxygen in the atmosphere

Question No:11

the world wettest spot at

(A) cherrapunji
(B) mawsynarm
(C) Singapore
(D) waileale

Question No:12

the important metal use with iron to produce stainless steel is

(A) aluminium
(B) chromium
(C) tin
(D) carbon

Question No:13

93 The limit beyond which stars suffer internal collapse is called

(A) Chandrashekhar limit
(B) Eddington limit
(C) Hoyle limit
(D) Flower limit

Question No:14

which one of the following is NOT correctly matched ?

(A) Anemometer-wind speed
(B) Ammeter- Electric current
(C) Tachometer-pressure difference
(D) Pyrometer-High temperature

Question No:15

In cold countries alcohol is preferred to mercury as a thermometric liqid because :

(A) alcohol has a lower freezing point
(B) alcohol is a better conductor of heat
(C) alcohol is cheaper than mercury
(D) the world production of alcohol is greater than that of mercury

Question No:16

The correct sequence of different layers of atmosphere from the surface of the earth upwards is :

(A) Troposphere, Stratosphere, Ionosphere Mesosphere
(B) Stratospher, Troposphere, Ionopshere, Mesosphere
(C) Troposhere, Stratosphere, Measosphere, Ionosphere
(D) Stratosphere, Troposphere, Troposhere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere

Question No:17



Question No:18



Question No:19

when there is noon at I. S. T. meridian people on another place of the earth are taking their 60 clock morning tea . The longitude of the place is :

(A) 170 30E
(B) 70 30 W
(C) 1720 30 E
(D) 90 0W

Question No:20

Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below the lists:
List-I(special characteristic)
List- II( Name of planet)
a. Smallest planet of the solar system
a. Mercury
b. Largest planet of the solar system
b. Venus
c. planet second from the sun in the solar system
c. Jupiter
d. Planet nearst to the sun
d. Pluto
e. Saturn
A) B) C) D)

(A) 2 3 5 1
(B) 3 5 1 2
(C) 4 1 2 3
(D) 4 3 2 1