Indian Geography MCQ-13

‘Pyrheliometer’ is used for measuring

Solar Radiation

Which type of wood is used as raw material to manufacture paper?

Conifer wood

Who is the Father of Green Revolution?

Norman Borlaug

Name the southernmost point of India.

Indira Point

……… is not related to the astronomical theories of climate change.

Solar Irradiance

Highest point of Satpura hills is known as

Mahadeo Hills

Which fruit is the king of arid fruit?


What is the source of an energy of an ecosystem?


Which country has been recognised as a ‘Mega diverse country’?


The stage of a star, where the helium core becomes increasingly heavy, accompanied with expanding outlay layers

Proto Star

Structural unemployment arises due to

Heavy Industry Bias

When hydrogen starts burning in air, it produces what?


Which is the longest river of India?


Binary Star Hypothesis was propounded by

HN Russell

Which planet looks reddish in the night sky?


Which State in India has maximum length of border adjacent to that of other States?

Uttar Pradesh

On which river is ‘Nagarjun Sagar Dam’ situated?


Which type of soil is very fertile and suitable for cultivation of all crops?

Alluvial soil

Which is the India’s largest multi-purpose river valley project?

Bhakra Nangal

The fertile land between two rivers is called


Which place in Madhya Pradesh is also known as ‘Queen of Satpura’ ?


Which protocol is an agreement among countries to take steps for reducing global warming?

Kyoto Protocol

Which river flows through a rift valley?


Yellow revolution in India refers to growth of

Oilseed Production

The boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is known as

Durand Line

How much of world’s surface is covered by water?


Which crop having largest area under irrigation?


Which State of India has the largest area?


The first biosphere reserve in India was established it which place?