Indian Geography MCQ-11

Indian Standard Time (1ST) determiner by which longitude?

82.5 East

According to 2011 census, which district has the highest population density of Madhya Pradesh?


Environment Day is celebrated on which date?


Which city is called as ‘Pearl of the Orient’?


Palk Strait is related to which countries?

India and Sri Lanka

Which scale is used to measure the intensity of earthquake?

Richter Scale

Earthquake is recorded by


With how many districts of Madhya Pradesh is Matatila Dam Project associated?


Loktak lake is the largest freshwater lake in North-eastern India. It is situated in


Name the largest ocean on the Earth?

Pacific Ocean

Norman Borlaug award is given in the field of


Which soil of India has been formed due to weathering of basaltic lava?

Laterite Soil

West Bengal shares its border with which countries?

Bangladesh and Nepal

The largest producer of gold in the world is


The storm of charged particles overcomes Sun’s gravity and goes into outer space, then it is known as

Solar Flames

Which State has the main deposit of tin ore?


Mahendragiri Hills are situated in which geological divisions of India?

Eastern Ghats

The oceans cover how many percentage of Earth’s surface?


Which is the deepest lake of Uttarakhand?


The largest amount of fresh water on our planet is in

Continental and Mountain Glaciers

There has been a sharp decline in death rate due to improvement in health care delivery in India since which year?


The rising of the evening star indicates which pole?

North Pole

When was the flash flood disaster of Kedarnath occurred?

June, 2013

Which forests have the lowest mean net primary productivity?

Temperate Grasslands

The golden quadrilateral national highway network connects which cities of India?

Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai

Name the capital of Lakshadweep islands?


Where is the highest waterfall found?