General Awareness MCQ-10

1.  The Althing, the oldest functioning legislative assembly in world, is the parliament of which country ?


2.  To measure hardness of minerals, which scale is used ?


3.  Which freedom fighter is also known as Lokmanya ?


4.  By how many hours Indian Standard Time (IST) is ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) ?


5.  Who was the first Jain Tirthankar ?


6.  On August 8, 1942, in which city Indian National Congress passed Quit India Resolution ?


7.  Where is the Indira Point, the southernmost point of land in the territory of India, situated ?


8.  The book `Beyond The Last Blue Mountain’ written by R.M.Lala is the biography of which industrialist ?


9.  Which term is used to describe the rearing of silkworms for the production of raw silk ?


10. Crescograph, a device for measuring growth in plants, was invented by which Indian scientist ?


11.  What line connects the points on a map that have the same temprature ?


12.  Out of four Hindu Dhams, three are dedicated to lord Vishnu & one to lord Shiva. Which one is dedicated to lord Shiva ?


13.  In 1916, who founded Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi ?


14.  Who became the first space tourist on 28 April, 2001 ?


15.  What is the popular name of Ascorbic acid ?


16.  Which blood group is universal donor ?


17.  In history, how do we better know Mughal empress Arjumand Banu Begum ?


18.  What is the observation that `Supply creates its own demand’ is popularly called ?


19.  Which metal is the best conductor of electric current ?


20.  Khajuraho temples were built by rulers of which dynasty ?


21.  Where are the headquarters of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) situated ?


22.  By mixing equal amount of Blue and Yellow colours, which colour will result ?


23.  In which river is India’s largest riverine island Majuli is situated ?