General Awareness MCQ-2

1.  Binola village, the scheduled site of the Indian National Defence University (INDU), is in which state ?


2.  Which conquerer was born in Macedonia (Europe), died in Babylon (Asia) and buried in Alexandria (Africa) ?


3.  In which city is the Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports situated ?


4.  Which sector is the biggest contributor to India’s GDP ?


5.  Which city is known as the `Big Apple’ ?


6.  Which religious teacher established four maths in four corners of country at Badrinath (North), Dwarka (West), Puri (East) & Sringeri (South) ?


7.  In Windows XP operating system, what is the `XP’ short for ?


8.  In 1970, who became the first recipient of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award ?


9.  Bubonic, Pnuemonic and Septicemic are the forms of which deadly infectious disease caused by Yersinia Pestis bacterium ?


10.  Who is the Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission ?


11.  On which river is Bhakra Nangal Dam, the highest gravity dam in world, is constructed ?


12.  On 2nd July 1972, with which Pakistani leader did Indira Gandhi sign Shimla Agreement ?


13.  Who was the first Indian to win All England Open Badminton Championships Singles title ?


14.  In which city are the headquarters of European Union (EU) located ?


15.  Apart from Delhi, which other Union Territory has its own elected Vidhan Sabha and the executive council of ministers headed by a Chief Minister ?


16.  To produce artificial rains, which chemical is used for Cloud Seeding ?


17.  What is the retirement age of Supreme Court judges ?


18.  From which country’s constitution, the concept of the Directive Principles of State Policy has been adopted in Indian constitution ?


19.  What is the common name of Indian national tree `Ficus Bengalensis’ ?


20.  Bomakai and Sambalpuri saris are native of which state ?


21.  Who was the first recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award ?


22.  Who among the following is considered as the father of Mobile Phone ?


23.  `Akbarnama’, a biographical account of Mughal ruler Akbar, was authored by ?


24.  Which freedom fighter highlighted the drain of India’s wealth into Britain, in his book `Poverty and Un-British Rule in India’ in 1901 ?


25.  Which among the following is not a mammal ?