Sentence Improvement MCQ-157

Directions In the following questions, a part of the sentence is given in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at 1,2,3 and 4 which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.

Question No:1

Mumbai is famous because of its textiles.

(A) No improvement
(B) at
(C) in
(D) for

Explanation:- Mumbai is famous for its textiles.

Question No:2

They spoke about the weather.

(A) No improvement
(B) said
(C) talked
(D) expressed

Explanation:- Talk about = used to emphasize something.

Question No:3

Mr. Mukherjee knows ten languages, isn’t it ?

(A) No improvement
(B) doesn’t Mr. Mukherjee
(C) hasn’t he
(D) doesn’t he

Explanation:- The sentence is in Present Simple (affirmative). Hence,
question tag should be in negative (present simple).

Question No:4

It’s high time that you go home.

(A) No improvement
(B) are going
(C) went.
(D) gone

Explanation:- It is high time is followed by Past Simple.

Question No:5

Drinking tea is an English habit.

(A) No improvement
(B) tradition
(C) convention
(D) custom

Explanation:- custom

Question No:6

He is wanting in a little common sense.

(A) No improvement
(B) lacks
(C) is lacking in
(D) needs some

Explanation:- Lack = to have none or not enough of something. Look at the sentence :
He lacks confidence.

Question No:7

We do not believe in a dual policy of the company.

(A) in this dual
(B) in these dual
(C) on these dual
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- Noun + preposition + Noun = > definite.
Hence, it is not proper to use article ‘a’.

Question No:8

This news is too good to be true,

(A) cannot be true
(B) so good that it should be true
(C) No improvement
(D) so good that it cannot be true

Explanation:- Look at the sentences : He is too weak to walk. He is so weak that he cannot walk.

Question No:9

The notorious criminal went to the police to go to prison.

(A) submitted to the police
(B) surrendered himself before the police
(C) No improvement
(D) gave himself up for the police

Explanation:- Surrender = allow yourself to be caught, taken prisoner.

Question No:10

If he has time he will telephone.

(A) could
(B) might
(C) would
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- No improvement