Sentence Improvement MCQ-147

Directions In the following questions, a part of the sentence is given in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at 1,2,3 and 4 which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.

Question No:1

Water drawn from a municipal reservoir or a private well, is likely to contain traces of minerals or bacteria.

(A) village tank
(B) No Improvement
(C) public tank
(D) private tank

Explanation:- Hence, public tank is the right usage.

Question No:2

Tax-payers are to be conscious of their privileges.

(A) might
(B) have to
(C) No Improvement
(D) could

Explanation:- have to is used for expressing certainty, necessity and obligation.

Question No:3

You need to read these kinds of books for the test.

(A) these kind of book
(B) this kind of book
(C) this kind of a book
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- Here, this kind of book should be used.
Look at the sentences :

Question No:4

Due to power grid collapse essential services like hospitals, the railways and water plants were perturbed.

(A) was perplexed
(B) were paralysed
(C) were abandoned
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- Perturb (Verb) = to make somebody worried or anxious; alarm.
Paralyze (Verb) = to prevent something from functioning normally.
Hence, were paralyzed should be used here.

Question No:5

Satish told his mother that he had been reading for six hours.

(A) since six hours
(B) from six hours
(C) till six hours
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- To show period of time ‘for’ is used.

Question No:6

No sooner had he agreed to join the job than he started to have doubts.

(A) No sooner did he
(B) No sooner than he
(C) No sooner was he
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- No sooner did he agree/ No sooner had he agreed ,s a correct structure.

Question No:7

Laws were enacted to do away with social evils.

(A) to eradicate
(B) to stop
(C) to prevent
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- Do away with something = to stop doing or having something; to make something end ; abolish.

Question No:8

The woman is waiting to see you looks rather angry.

(A) The women whose waiting to see you looks rather angry
(B) The women who is waiting see you looks rather angry
(C) The woman who is waiting to see you looks rather angry
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- Here, a relative pronoun will make sense.
Hence, The woman who is waiting ……… should be used.

Question No:9

If you are a cricket fan, make sure you are witness the grand opening ceremony today.

(A) you witnessed
(B) you witnessing
(C) you witness
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- The sentence shows present time. Hence, present simple i.e., you witness…. should be used.

Question No:10

Gauri was for waiting for Hema and I.

(A) Gauri was waiting for Hema and me
(B) Gauri were waiting for Hema and me
(C) Gauri were waiting for Hema and I
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- The use of ‘for’ after ‘was’ is superfluous. Moreover, objective case ‘me’ should be used.
Look at the sentence: He was waiting for them/me.