Sentence Improvement MCQ-166

Directions In the following questions, a part of the sentence is given in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at 1,2,3 and 4 which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.

Question No:1

The criminal was hung to death.

(A) hunged
(B) hang
(C) No improvement
(D) hanged

(1) Hang (Verb) : to kill somebody as per law. Hang– > hanged (Past) — > hanged (Past Participle)
(2) hang (V.) : to attach something, or to be attached, at the top so that the lower part is free/loose hang — > hung (Past)– > hung (Past Part.) Here, hanged is the right usage.

Question No:2

What does agonise me most is not this criticism, but the trivial reason behind it.

(A) No improvement
(B) most agonising me
(C) agonises me most
(D) most agonised me

Explanation:- The sentence implies a Present Situation, so, agonises me most (Simple Present Tense) will be used.

Question No:3

They have not and cannot be in the good books of the coach because they lack discipline.

(A) No improvement
(B) have not been and can never be
(C) have not and can never be
(D) have not and can never been

Explanation:- Here, beenshould follow haven’t, past event is implied and the same is likely to happen in future too.
He has never cheated and can never cheat a person.

Question No:4

The Louvre, a museum known to everyone in the world, is in Paris.

(A) a world-renowned museum
(B) No improvement
(C) a globally known museum
(D) a world-famous museum

Explanation:- World – famous : known all over the world. a world-famous museum is the right usage.

Question No:5

The sun will not rise before an hour.

(A) arise in an hour
(B) rise in an hour
(C) rises for an hour
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- in (Prep.) : after a particular length of time ; during a period of time.
rise in an hour
is the right usage. Look at the sentences :
It will be ready in a week’s time. I am getting forgetful in my old age.

Question No:6

Heartfelt prayers to God will always have expected results.

(A) have amazing results
(B) No improvement
(C) have good results
(D) have desired results

Explanation:- desired result: having a wishful result have desired results is the right usage.

Question No:7

The museum’s collection includes arte facts dated back to prehistoric times.

(A) date back to
(B) No improvement.
(C) dating back to
(D) date backs to

Explanation:- Date from/back to = to have existed since a particular time in the past. Dated = old fashioned.

Question No:8

He said, ‘Let the show begins’

(A) ‘Let the show to begin’
(B) ‘Let’s the show begin’
(C) ‘Let the show begin’
(D) No improvement.

Explanation:- Structure of the sentence : Let + Object + to + V1 (plural).

Question No:9

I’m really sorry but I haven’t got much money myself.

(A) I’m really sorry but I have very few money myself.
(B) No improvement.
(C) I’m really sorry I have lesser money myself.
(D) I’m really sorry but I not have much money myself.

Explanation:- No improvement

Question No:10

Both of them are good, but this is the best of the two.

(A) No improvement
(B) better
(C) much better
(D) good

Explanation:- For comparison between two things comparative degree should be used.