Sentence Improvement MCQ-119

Directions In the following questions, a part of the sentence is given in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at 1,2,3 and 4 which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.

Question No:1

He. I, She and They cooked the food.

(A) I, He, She and They cooked the food.
(B) They, I, He and She cooked the food.
(C) He, She, They and I cooked the food.
(D) No improvement.

Explanation:- Order 231 (Second Person, Third Person, First Person) will be used.

Question No:2

The newspaper report of the killing verified with the police findings.

(A) authenticated
(B) corroborated
(C) confirmed
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- verified (Verb) : to check that something is true/ accurate
We have no way of verifying his story. authenticated (Verb) : to prove that something is genuine, real or true.
The letter has been authenticated by the handwriting experts.
corroborated (Verb) : confirmed
The evidence was corroborated by two independent witnesses.
confirmed (Verb) : to state or show that something true or correct, especially by providing evidence

Question No:3

The saint said that men are mortal.

(A) said that men is mortal.
(B) advised men are mortal.
(C) said that men were mortal.
(D) No improvement.

Explanation:- No improvement.

Question No:4

There is no alternate offered to us.

(A) way
(B) solution
(C) choice
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- alternate (Adj.) : (of two things) happening or following one after the other regularly
Alternate layers of fruit and cream
fruit — > cream — > fruit — > cream …
choice (Noun) : an act of choosing between two or more possibilities

Question No:5

The voluntary organization appealed to the people to come forward to help the victims and said that each may contribute what they can.

(A) each may contribute what he can
(B) each may contribute what they can
(C) each may contribute what each one can
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- ‘each may contribute what he can’ will be used. each (Pro.) : each one; everyone individually
when ‘each’ (Pro.) comes immediately before the Verb (contribute), it always takes a Singular Verb and a Singular Pronoun ‘he/she’

Question No:6

There is no escape in the container for the water to flow.

(A) outlet
(B) inlet
(C) drainage
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- escape (Noun) : the act of escaping from a place/ situation
outlet (Noun) : a pipe or hole through which liquid or gas can flow out

Question No:7

The problem was so complicated to be solved in a day.

(A) too
(B) very
(C) much
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- so (Adv.) : to a great degree
She spoke so quietly that I could hardly hear her. too (Adv.) : used before Adjectives and Adverbs

Question No:8

They left the hotel by car where they had been staying.

(A) They left the hotel where they’ had been staying, by “car.
(B) They left where they were staying in a hotel by car.
(C) In a car they left where they were staying in a hotel
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- They left the hotel where they had been staying, by car’ will be used.

Question No:9

Will you lend me few rupees in this hour of need ?

(A) lend me a little rupees
(B) borrow me a few rupees
(C) lend me a few rupees
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- few (Det.) : not many
a few (Det.) : a small number; some used with plural Countable Nouns

Question No:10

Five years ago today, I am sitting in a small Japanese car, driving across Poland towards Berlin.

(A) was sitting
(B) sat
(C) have been sitting
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- Past Continuous Tense ‘was sitting’ will be used.