Sentence Improvement MCQ-121

Directions In the following questions, a part of the sentence is given in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at 1,2,3 and 4 which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.

Question No:1

Hoping not to be disturbed, I sat down in my easy chair to read the book, I won as a prize.

(A) I had won as a prize
(B) I have won as prize
(C) I had to win as a prize
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- Earlier past event ‘won as a prize’ will be indicated by ‘had won as a prize’ (Past Perfect Tense)

Question No:2

If you are living near a market place you should be ready to bear the disturbances caused by traffic.

(A) to bear upon
(B) to bear with
(C) to bear away
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- bear (Verb) : to be able to accept and deal with something unpleasant
bear with (Phr. V) : to be patient with
bear upon (Phr. V) : have an effect upon
bear away (Phr. V) : remove from a certain place

Question No:3

The more they earn, more they spend on luxury items.

(A) more they should spend
(B) the more they spend
(C) the more they ought to spend
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- The structure of the sentence will be as follows:
The (Def. Art.) + more (Adv)…. + the (Def. Art.) + more … Adv.

Question No:4

You have come here with a view to insult me.

(A) to insulting me
(B) of insulting me
(C) for insulting me
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- with a view to (doing something) : with the intention of (doing something)
Gerund ‘insulting’ will be used.
It is the object of Prep. to’.

Question No:5

A little rail-road engine was employed by a station yard for doing small pieces of work.

(A) was made by a station yard
(B) was used at the station yard
(C) was employed at the station yard
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- ‘who employed at the station yard’ will be used. by (Prep.) : near somebody/something at (Prep.) : used for saying where something/somebody is or where something happens

Question No:6

From an aesthetic point of view, the painting did not appeal to me.

(A) From the viewpoint of aesthetics, the painting did not appeal to me
(B) The painting had no aesthetic appeal to me
(C) From an aesthetic point of view, the painting had a little appeal to me
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- No improvement

Question No:7

The child tossed in bed burning with fever.

(A) The child in bed, burning with fever tossed
(B) The child burning with fever, tossed in bed
(C) The child burning in bed tossed with fever
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- The child burning with fever, tossed in bed’ will be used.

Question No:8

He may have grown taller when I last saw him.

(A) from when I last saw him
(B) since I last saw him
(C) before I last saw him
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- since (Conj.) : from an event in the past until now ; used with Present Perfect ‘have grown’

Question No:9

While crossing the highway, a five year old child was knocked out by a passing car.

(A) away
(B) up
(C) down
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- knock out (Phr. V.) : to make somebody very tired ; wear out; to make somebody fall asleep knock up (Phr. V.) : to wake somebody by knocking at his door knock down (Phr. V.) : to hit somebody and make him fall to the ground

Question No:10

We are looking forward to see you tomorrow.

(A) looking forward towards seeing
(B) looking forward for seeing
(C) looking forward to seeing
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- look forward to (Phr. V.) : to be thinking with pleasure about something that is going to happen (because you expect to enjoy it)
see (Verb) is the Object of Prep, ‘to’ So,
seeing (gerund) will be used.