Sentence Improvement MCQ-163

Directions In the following questions, a part of the sentence is given in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at 1,2,3 and 4 which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.

Question No:1

Shut the window; it is fairly cold.

(A) quiet
(B) quite
(C) rather
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- Rather = used to mean fairly or to some degree. The instructions were rather complicated.
Hence, rather is the right usage.

Question No:2

She is the lady who will inaugurate the exhibition.

(A) declare the exhibition open
(B) start the exhibition
(C) begin the exhibition
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- No improvement

Question No:3

He avoids to speak to me.

(A) to talk
(B) speaking
(C) speech
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- A Gerund should follow the verb avoid.
Look at the sentence :
You should avoid mentioning his divorce.
• You should avoid (V.)mentioning (Ger.) his divorce.

Question No:4

A major water pollutant due to the growth of large cities is the sewages.

(A) a sewage
(B) a sewages
(C) the sewage
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- Sewage (Uncountable Noun) = waste products produced by human bodies.
As a particular pollutant is being mentioned, the (Def. Art.) will be used with sewage.

Question No:5

I have just taken my meals.

(A) I have just had my food
(B) I am done with my meals
(C) I finished my meals
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- No improvement/b>

Question No:6

I stayed at Henry house for a week.

(A) Henry’s home
(B) Henry’s
(C) Henry home
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- Here, Possessive case should be used. Hence, Henry’s home will be used.

Question No:7

The warden told the boys to quickly clean their rooms.

(A) clean their rooms hastily
(B) clean their rooms quickly
(C) cleanse their rooms quickly
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- It is position of adverb related error. Look at the sentence :
He replied to my letter very quickly. Hence, clean their rooms quickly will be used.

Question No:8

I needn’t get up early tomorrow, shouldn’t I?

(A) don’t I
(B) do I
(C) need I
(D) No improvement

Explanation:- Here the sentence is negative. Hence, question tag should be affirmative,
Question Tags are made with Auxiliaries.
Here, there is no Aux., hence, do I will be used. Statements without Aux. with use do, does, did in Question Tags

Question No:9

Covering thirty kilometers in thirty minutes are not a great distance using a brand new car.

(A) aren’t a great distance
(B) is no distance
(C) No improvement
(D) is not a great distance

Explanation:- It is a measure of certain distance/time. Hence, singular verb should be used.

Question No:10

Years ago, I met a man which was President and Chairman of the board of a company.

(A) Whom
(B) No improvement
(C) Who
(D) Whose

Explanation:- For a person, relative pronoun ‘who’ should be used.