Sentence Improvement MCQ-159

Directions In the following questions, a part of the sentence is given in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at 1,2,3 and 4 which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.

Question No:1

I took my mother some grapes when she was in hospital.

(A) 1 took for my mother some grapes.
(B) I brought my mother some grapes
(C) I took some grapes for my mother
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- It is position of words related error.

Question No:2

The others shook their heads and made vague noises of approval.

(A) hung
(B) turned around
(C) No Improvement
(D) nodded

Explanation:- Nod = to move your head.
If you nod your head, you move your head up and down to show agreement.

Question No:3

She insisted on she was innocent.

(A) insisted on that
(B) No Improvement
(C) insisted that
(D) insisted with

Explanation:- .She insisted on her being innocence.
She insisted that she was innocent.

Question No:4

The world is being faced with a crisis

(A) confronted
(B) in front of
(C) No Improvement
(D) facing

Explanation:- Here, Present Progressive (Active) should be used, not passive voice.

Question No:5

You must endure what you cannot cure.

(A) accept
(B) suffer
(C) prevail
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- No Improvement

Question No:6

He does not laugh, nor he smiles.

(A) nor he does smile
(B) neither he does smile
(C) nor does he, smile
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- As the structure suggests, nor does he smile….. should be used.

Question No:7

I was struck by his singular appearance.

(A) struck by his single appearance
(B) struck by how he singularly appears
(C) No Improvement
(D) had stricken his single appearance

Explanation:- No Improvement

Question No:8

The blue whale was thriving in all of the world’s oceans until the turn of the century, at which time they became hunted to the point of extinction.

(A) The blue whale was thriving in all of the world’s oceans up until the turn of the century
(B) At the turn of the century, blue whales were thriving in all of the world’s oceans.
(C) Blue whales were thriving in all of the world’s oceans until the turn of the century
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- It is not related to a particular whale. Hence, Blue whales (plural) were ….. should be used here.

Question No:9

We have been retracing our steps to the log cabin ten minutes ago.

(A) will be retracing
(B) have to retrace
(C) had to retrace
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- The sentence shows past time as ‘ago’ has been used.

Question No:10

I hope you will be able to steer ahead of the anti-social elements.

(A) steer clear
(B) steer free
(C) steer out
(D) No Improvement

Explanation:- (1) Keep/ stay/ steer clear = to avoid a person or thing because it may cause problems.