Quiz No:49 Power plant Engineering RRB , Coal India , Engineering diploma Level , PWD , PSC

1. Critical pressure of water is—


2. The efficiency of a thermal power plant* improves with—


3. As steam expands in turbine—


4. Burning of low grade fuel can be improved by-


5. Water is supplied to a boiler—


6. Which of the following enters the supper heater of a boiler?


7. The equipment installed in power plants to reduce air pollution due to smoke is—


8. Permissible pH value of water for boilers is —


9. A condenser in a thermal power plant con­denser steam combing out of—


10. Which of the following is not high pressure boiler ?


11. What is the maximum size of steam turbine being installed in India for thermal power plants ?


12. Overall thermal efficiency of a steam power station is in the range—


13. Which of the following is not the voltage at which power is transmitted in India ?


14. Most of the generators in thermal power plants run at—


15. Standard frequency for electric supply in India is—


16. Bagasse is —


17. Low grade fuels have—


18. Which variety of coal has lowest calorific value ?


19. In a steam locomotive the engine is —


20. The boiler using lignite as fuel do not use—


21. In a steam turbine cycle, the lowest pressure occurs in—


22. Steam pressure in modern thermal plants of 100 MW and above capacity may be expec­ted to be—


23. The overall efficiency of a boiler in a thermal power plant is of the order of—


24. Chemical composition of coal is given by—


25. Which coal will have highest ash content ?


26. Ash content of most of the Indian coals is around—


27. Ash content of coal can be reduced by—


28. A 100 MW thermal power plant will con­sume nearly how many tonnes of coal in one hour?


29. The steam consumption per kWh of electri­city generated in a modern power plant is of the order of—