Quiz No:50 Power plant Engineering RRB , Coal India , Engineering diploma Level , PSC , PWD

1. For low head and high discharge, the hydrau­lic turbine used is—


2. Turbines installed at Bhakra Nangal are–


3. A graphical representation between discharge and time is known as —


4. Cost of operation of which plant is least?


5. In a hydro-electric plant a conduct system for taking water from the intake works to the turbine is known as —


6. Spouting velocity is—


7. Major constituent of methane gas is—


8. Particles having the same atomic number but different mass numbers are called—


9. Which of the following material can be used as moderator?


10. A gas turbine works on—


11. Maximum efficiency of an open cycle gas turbine is nearly—


12. Compressor used in gas turbine is—


13. Which part of gas turbine consumes most of the power?


14. Gas turbine is widely used in—-


15. In aircraft using gas turbine, the cycle used is—


16. The horse power of a Diesel Locomotive is of the order of—


17. The compression ratio in case of diesel engines of—


18. Which of the following is a non-petroleum fuel?


19. Heating value of diesel oil is the range of—


20. How many kg of air are required for the combustion of one kg of diesel fuel ?


21. Diesel engine fuels are rated by—


22. One formula for cetane is —


23. Cetane number of high speed diesel available in market is—


24. Air standard efficiency of a diesel engine depends on—


25. Diesel engines for power plants are usually—


26. Piston rings for engines are made of—