Quiz No:56 Control System RRB , Coal India , PSC , Engineering diploma Level , PWD

1. In case of type-1 system steady state acceleration is —


2. ……… directly converts temperature into voltage.


3. Which of the following can be measured by LVDT ?


4. Which of the following is the output of a thermocouple ?


5. A.C. servomotor is basically a…………


6. The first order control system, which is well designed, has a—


7. In case of an on-off controller the proportional band is—


8. LVDT is an-


9. Non-linearities can be—


10. ……… is the non-linearity caused by servo motor.


11. For a D.C. generator input could be in the form of—


12. A servomechanism usually consist of—


13. Which of the following forces resists motion?


14. A unit step function on integration results in a—


15. A Synchro is—


16. A stepper motor is a ……… device.


17. The input to a stepper motor is in the form of-


18. The inverse Laplace transform of 1/S+3 is—


19. When analogy is drawn between electrical systems and thermal systems, current is considered analogus to—


20. The Laplace transform of damped sine wave e-at sin ?t is—


21. Which of the following are the servo Mechanism—


22. The Laplace transform of e-at is—


23. Under electrical system and pneumatic system analogy, current is considered analogous to—