Quiz No:43 Alternator RRB , Coal India , PSC , Engineering diploma Level , PWD

1. The speed of a 4-pole 60 Hz synchronous machine will be—


2. The speed of a P-pole synchronous machine in r.p.m. is given by—


3. What is the largest size of alternator being manufactured in India ?


4. An exciter is nothing but a—


5. Turbo-alternators are generally used to run at—


6. The frequency of voltage generated in large alternator is—


7. In case of turbo-alternators the rotor is usually made of—


8. The number of poles in turbo-alternators is usually—


9. In huge alternators, the moving part is —


10. Modern 3-phase alternator of a central power station will have generated voltage of—


11. The speed of a salient pole machine is nearly—


12. Alternators are usually designed to generate—


13. In case of a uniformly distributed winding, the value of distribution factor is—


14. The dark and bright lamp method is used for—


15. In a synchronous machine, all of the following losses are fixed except—


16. Excessive Windage loss and noise occur with—


17. Which harmonic will be totally eliminated in an alternator by using a fractional pitch of 4/5?


18. 4 pole 1500 r.p.m. alternator will generate e.m.f. at—


19. In air-craft alternators have operating frequency of—


20. Turbo-alternators usually have—


21. The power factor of an alternator is determined by its—


22. For parallel operation A.C. polyphase alternators must have the same—


23. Unlike D.C. generator kW rating, alternators are rated in—


24. Dirt accumulation in generators can cause—


25. The power factor of an alternator is determined by its —