NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Environment Test-8 -

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Environment Test-8

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Environment Test-8

1. In natural ecosystem decomposers include…..


2. Ecosystem creates………


3. An association of individuals of different species living in the same habitat and having functional interactions is called a or an ………


4. In a biotic community primary consumers are


5. If we completely remove the decomposers from an ecosystem, the ecosystem functioning will be adversely affected because……..


6. The importance of ecosystem lies in


7. When big fish eats a small fish which eats water fleas supported by phytoplankton the water fleas are


8. In a forest ecosystem green plants are


9. Major conduit for energy flow in terrestrial ecosystem is


10. In a biotic community, the most important factor for survival of an animal is …..


11. Which is not true regarding ecosystem ?


12. Which of the following are artificial aquatic ecosystems ?


13. Which of the following is a functional aspect of an ecosystem ?


14. About how much of the net primary productivity of a terrestrial ecosystem is eaten and digested by herbivores


15. Secondary productivity is defined as the rate of formation of new organic matter


16. The rate at which new tissues are formed in producers in the ecosystem is


17. The food chain that starts from plants and goes from smaller to larger animals is


18. Ecological pyramids are also called as


19. Choose the correct among the limitations of ecological pyramids
A) It does not take into account some species belonging to two or more trophic levels
B) It does not accommodate a food chain
C) Saprophytes are not given any place in ecological pyramids even though they play a vital role in the Ecosystem


20. Choose the correct among the following
I) Decomposition is largely an anaerobic process
II) In a particular climatic condition, decomposition is slower if detritus is rich in lignin and chitin
III) Decomposition is quicker if detritus is rich in nitrogen and water soluble sugars
IV) Low temperature and aerobic environment inhibit the decomposition resulting in buildup of organic Materials