NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Environment Test-5

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Environment Test-5

1. In a food chain herbivores are


2. The sequence for species through which the organic molecules in community pass is called a


3. A group of interconnected food chains is called a


4. With regard to ecological food chain man is a


5. In a grazing food chain the largest poulation is that of


6. The organisms at the base of food chain are


7. In detritus food chain, primary consumer is


8. A detritus food chain in comparison to grazing food chain is


9. A ecological pyramid, devised by C. Elton 1927; is a graphic diagram that shows relations! between


10. The transfer of energy from organism to organism in a natural community establishes


11. We refer to the following as the food chain


12. The better idea of the productivity of an ecosystem


13. The amount of living matter present in an ecosystem at a given time is called


14. Which ecological pyramid can never occur in an inverted form ?


15. Pyramid of numbers in a grassland ecosystem is


16. The relationship in an ecosystem can be depicted by


17. Pyramid of numbers deals with number of


18. An ecological pyramid of biomass is often an inverted pyramid in which of following ecosystem


19. In forest ecosystem pyramid of numbers is


20. For tree and grassland ecosystems, pyramid of biomass is