NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Environment Test-11

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Environment Test-11

1. Mr X is eating aurd/yoghurt. For this food intake in a food chain he should be considered as occupying


2. Assertion (A): In a food chain members of successive higher leels are fewer in number
Reason (R) : Number of organisms at any trophic level depends upon the availability of organisms which serve as food at the lower level.


3. Assertion (A): Living organisms are regarded as closed systems
Reason (R) : Energy of living organisms cannot be lost or gained from the environment


4. The flora and fauna in lakes or ponds are


5. The relationship in an ecosystem can be depicted in


6. Pyramid of energy in a river ecosystem is


7. Food chain is a series of population which starts with producers. It is concerned with


8. Pyramid of energy in a pond ecosystem, is always


9. Broad leaved forest are found in


10. In a food chain the total amount of living material is depicted by


11. Ten percent law of energy transfer in a food chain is given by


12. Benthic organisms are found in


13. A lake with nutrients is called


14. Biotic factors are


15. If decomposers are removed what will happen to the ecosystem ?


16. Study of relationship between communities and environments is called


17. Largest ecosystem of the world are