NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Environment Test-10 -

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Environment Test-10

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Environment Test-10

1. A lake near a village suffered heavy mortality of fishes within a few days. Consider the following reasons for this?
a) Lots of urea and phosphate fertilizer were used in the crops in the vicinity
b) The area was sprayed with DDT by an aircraft
c) The lake water turned green and stinky
d) Phytoplankton populations in the lake declined initially thereby greatly reducing photo-synthesis.
Which two of the above were the main causes of fish mortality in the lake ?


2. Which one of the following is not used for construction of ecological pyramids?


3. More than 70% of world’s freshwater are contained in


4. Which of the following is expected to have the highest value (gm/m2/yr) in a grassland ecosystem?


5. Pneumatophores are characteristic of plants growing in


6. Assertion (A): Some marine animals find it difficult to live in fresh water and vice versa.
Reason (R): Some animals can tolerate a narrow salinity range, while others can tolerate a wide salinity range.


7. Assertion (A): In a terrestrial ecosystem, detritus food chain is the major conduit for energy flow.
Reason (R) : Solar energy is the direct source for energy supply in a detritus food chain.


8. What is the Greek word for ecology?


9. Assertion (A): The plant biomass which serves as the food of herbivores and decomposers is said to result from the gross primary productivity
Reason (R): Gross primary productivity is the rate of net production of organic material (biomass)


10. The bacteria which attack lead animals


11. The great Barrier reef along the east coast of Australia can be categorised as


12. Which part of the world has a high density of organisms


13. Assertion (A): A network of food chains existing together in an ecosystem is known as a food web.
Reason (R): An animal like kite cannot be a part of food web


14. Given below is one of the types of ecological pyramids + This type represents