NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Enviroment-Test-2

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Enviroment-Test-2

1. Primary productivity depends on


2. The rate of production of orgnic matter of an ecosystem during photosynthesis is


3. Mark the incorrect match


4. Gross primary productivity minus respiration losses of an ecosystem is


5. Food webs in the eocystem are formed due to


6. The available biomass for the consumption to heterotrophs is called


7. The rate of production of new organic matter at consumer level from existing is called


8. Net Primary Productivity (NPP) is given by the formula


9. Gross primary productivity is


10. A process of breakdown of organic matter by decomposers into inorganic substances is called


11. The raw material for decomposition, the detritus includes


12. The various steps in decomposition are


13. Break down of detritus into small particles is called


14. Process of water soluble nutrients go down into the soil horizon and get precipitated as unavailable salts is called


15. Degradation of detritus into simple inorganic substances by the enzymatic action of bacteria and fungi is called


16. Decomposition is largely


17. The rate of decompostion is controlled by


18. Rate of decomposition is slower if detritus is rich in


19. The most important climatic factors that regulate decomposition through their effects on the activites of soil microbes are


20. Which is not true for humus?