NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Enviroment-Test-1

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Ecology and Enviroment-Test-1

1. Functional unit of nature is


2. According to many ecologists the entire biosphere is regarded as


3. The two basic categories of the biospere are


4. Forest, grassland and desert are examples of


5. An aquarium is a


6. Physical structure of the ecosystem is due to interaction of


7. Identification and enumeration of plant and animal species of an ecosystem is


8. Vertical distribution of different species occupying different levels is called


9. The basic requirement for any ecosystem to function and sustain is


10. Aquaculture pond is a


11. In terrestrial ecosystem major producers are


12. Primary producers of an aquatic ecosystem are


13. Artificial ecosystems are characterised by


14. An ecosystem contains


15. The following is a logical sequence


16. Biological equilibrium is an equilibrium among the


17. When man eats fish, which feeds on zooplanktons, which have eaten small plants. The producer in the chain is


18. Which one of the following components of ecosystem comes from outside ?


19. Which is not a structural aspect of ecosystem?


20. The amount of organic matter produced per unit area over a time period by plants during photosynthesis is called