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Bar Chart Mock Test-4

Directions: Study the following graph and answer the questions that follow.
The following graph shows the ratio of Imports and Exports of two companies “A” and “B” over the years
1) In how many of the given years were the imports more than the exports for company B?
4) 4
5) None Of these

2) What were the average exports of company “A” over the given years?

1) Rs 34 cr
2) Rs.14 cr
3} Rs.28 cr
4) Can’t be determined
5) None of These

3) IF the total exports of company “B” in 2006 and 200B was 42 crores ,then what was the Total imports of the same company for these two years together?

3) 47.6 Cr
4) Can’t be determined
5) None of These

4) In how many years did company “A” show exports more than the imports?

4) 5
5) None of these

5) What were the exports of company “B” for the year 2007 if the Imports were Rs.42 cr for same year?

2) Rs.18 cr
3) Rs 42 cr
4) Rs.35 cr
5) More of these