Current Affairs Objective Questions RRB,IBPS Clerks,UPSC,SBI POs,SSC

Current General Awareness-2016 MCQ-60

ASBA is a supplementary process for applying in which of the following?

(A) Insurance
(B) in public issues (i.e., purchasing of shares)
(C) Pension Fund
(D) Fixed Deposits
(E) None of these

Name the newly appointed Chairman and Managing Director of MOIL Ltd.

(A) G.P. Kundargi
(B) Mukund Chaudhari
(C) Anil Ambani
(D) Mukesh Ambani
(E) P.K. Singh

The World Tourism Day (WTD) is observed on ………

(A) 27Th September
(B) 17th September
(C) 27th October
(D) 27th August
(E) 17th November

The First World Conference on Tourism for Development was held in May 2016 in?

(A) Seoul
(B) Beijing
(C) Tokyo
(D) New Delhi
(E) None of these

The public sector Indian Bank recently revised its interest rates for foreign currency non-resident (FCNR) banking deposits with immediate effect.The bank is headquartered in ____

(A) Hyderabad –
(B) Chennai
(C) Kolkata
(D) Mumbai
(E) Bangalore

Anuradha Rao appointed as MD, CEO of…..

(A) SBI Capital Markets Ltd
(B) SBI Mutual Fund
(C) SBI Cards & Payments Services Pvt. Ltd. (SBICPSL)
(D) SBI Life Insurance Company Limited
(E) None of these

Which of the following is a “Collective Investment” that pools money from investors and invests in Stocks, Debt and other Securities?

(A) Community Fixed Deposits
(B) Stocks
(C) Collective Investment Plans
(D) Mutual Funds
(E) Only a & b

Equity represents which feature?

(A) Highest returns historically with the I highest risk
(B) FDs, Promissory notes
(C) Home
(D) Land
(E) Gold

Which e-commerce company tied-up with LG Electronics Inc.on smart-home services?

(A) Flipkart
(B) Snapdeal
(C) Amazon
(D) Myntra
(E) Askme

What is India’s position in the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) 2016-17? (The list has been topped by Switzerland, followed by Singapore, United States, the Netherlands and Germany.)

(A) 66th
(B) 47th
(C) 39th
(D) 88th
(E) 139th

Which city was crowned “Sports City of the Decade” in April 2016?

(A) Melbourne
(B) London
(C) New York
(D) Tokyo
(E) Sydney

What is legal tender?

(A) Every banknote issued by Reserve Bank of India (Rs. 2, Rs. 5, Rs. 10, Rs. 20, Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000) shall be legal tender at any place in India in payment or on account for the amount expressed therein, and shall be guaranteed by the Central Government, subject to provisions of sub-section (2) Section 26 of RBI Act, 1934.
(B) Tender quotation in government offices
(C) Quotation of shares
(D) Quotation of debentures
(E) None

Government of India on 26 September 2016 sacked Sushil Muhnot as the chairman and managing director of……….

(A) State Bank of India
(B) Bank of Maharashtra
(C) Syndicate Bank
(D) Union Bank of India
(E) Indian Overseas Bank

Which Nationalised Bank has recently raised Rs.1000 crore, to add as Basel III – compliant capital?

(A) Punjab National Bank
(B) Bank of Baroda
(C) Oriental Bank of Commerce
(D) Central Bank of India
(E) Dena Bank

Hybrid Funds are invested in which combination?

(A) In Lottery tickets
(B) Hybrid funds are invested in a combination of equity and debt needs to be rebalanced at regular intervals. These funds provide both income and capital appreciation with an objective to diversity risk.
(C) In uncertain business
(D) in speculative business
(E) None of these

Which report was released by UNICEF recently stating the growing crisis for migrant children?

(A) Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed
(B) Uprooted: The growing crisis for refugee and migrant children
(C) Education as a Preventive Strategy against migrant children crisis
(D) Reimagine the future: Innovation for every child
(E) None of these