Computer Awareness MCQ IBPS Clerk,SBI PO,LIC AAO,Bank Clerk,PO

Computer knowledge MCQ-1

Computer Awareness MCQ IBPS Clerks,SBI POs,LIC AAO

Questions No:1

These provide expansion capability for a computer system.

(A) sockets
(B) slots
(C) bytes
(D) bays
(E) None of these

Questions No:2

……… is data that has been organized or presented in a meaningful fashion.

(A) A process
(B) Software
(C) Storage
(D) Information
(E) None of these

Questions No:3

In latest generation computers, the instructions arc executed :

(A) Parallel only
(B) Sequentially only
(C) Both sequentially and parallel
(D) All of above
(E) None of these

Questions No:4

The difference between memory and storage is that memory is ……… and storage is ………… .

(A) Temporary, permanent
(B) Slow, fast
(C) Permanent, temporary
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Questions No:5

Fifth generation computers are

(A) Data processors
(B) Knowledge processors
(C) Data interpreters
(D) Encryptions
(E) None of these

Questions No:6

Which type of commerce is char terised by low volume and high value transactions in Banking ?

(A) C2G
(B) B2B
(C) B2C
(D) None of these
(E) None of these

Questions No:7

…… is the process of translating a task into a series of commands that a computer will use to perform that task.

(A) Project design
(B) Installation
(C) Systems analysis
(D) Programming
(E) None of these

Questions No:8

A microprocessor is the brain of the computer and is also called a(n) ……… .

(A) microchip
(B) macrochip
(C) macroprocessor
(D) calculator
(E) software

Questions No:9

The basic input/output system (BIOS) is stored in :

(D) Hard Drive
(E) None of these

Questions No:10

The ……… key and the …… key can be used in ,combination with other keys to perform shortcuts and special tasks.

(A) Control, Alt
(B) Function, toggle
(C) Delete, insert
(D) Caps Lock, Num Lock
(E) None of the above

Questions No:11

MS Word allows creation of _ type of documents by default?

(A) .DOC
(B) .WPF
(C) . TXT
(D) .DOT
(E) None of these

Questions No:12

Which of the following chooses correct data path for an incoming me sage and forwards it to relevant line?

(A) Remote concentrator
(B) Message switcher
(C) Front end processor
(D) Demux
(E) None of these

Questions No:13

Each model of a computer has a unique:

(A) Assembly of a computer
(B) Machine language
(C) High level language
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

Questions No:14

Which of the following is a storage device that uses rigid, permanently installed magnetic disks to store data/information ……… .

(A) floppy diskette
(B) hard disk
(C) permanent disk
(D) optical disk
(E) None of these

Questions No:15

The only language understood by a digital computer is called :

(A) Assembly language
(B) High level language
(C) English language
(D) Binary language
(E) None of these

Questions No:16

Which is a graphical representation of an application ?

(A) Windows 95
(B) Windows Explorer
(C) Icon
(D) Taskbar
(E) None of the above

Questions No:17

IBM stands for

(A) International Business Machine
(B) Interconnected Business Machine
(C) Internal Business machine
(D) Interacting Business Machine
(E) None of these

Questions No:18

Find the odd term out

(A) Stageful inspection
(B) Alta vista
(C) Proxy firewalls
(D) Packet filtering firewalls
(E) None of these

Questions No:19

The proper definition of a modem digital computer is;

(A) An electronic automated machine that can solve problems involving words and numbers
(B) A more sophistic and modified electronic pocket calculator
(C) Any machine that can perform mathematical operations
(D) A machine that works on binary code
(E) None of these

Questions No:20

Word processing, spreadsheet, and photo-editing are examples of:

(A) application software
(B) system software
(C) operating system software
(D) platform software
(E) None of these