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Cell The Unit of Life Test No-9

NEET Foundation Class VIII-Botany-Cell The Unit of Life

1. The smalI rounded knob like fragment in a chromosome lying beyond the secondary constriction is


2. Membrane bound minute vesicles with enzymatic matrix present in both plant and animal cells


3. The cell organelle which facilitates locomotion in certain eukaryotic animal cell is


4. The cell organelle which helps in oxidative phosphorylation is


5. Energy transducing cell organelles in a cell are


6. 90 percent of the volume of the mature plant cell is occupied by


7. Nucleus as a cell organelle was first described by


8. Na+ and K + pumping across the membrane is a/an


9. Identity the incorrect statement among the following


10. Regarding the functions of S.E.R, the untrue statement of the following is


11. Organelles which are synthesised at one place and move away and show their activity at a different, place in the cell are


12. Choose the incorrect statement


13. Identify the mis-match of the following


14. Cell theory as proposed by Schleiden & Schawann does not explain.


15. Choose the incorrect statement:


16. “The term ‘thylakoid”” refers to “


17. “With reference to ribosomes, “”S”” is an indirect measures of”


18. Molecules that move through the nuclear pores are