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Cell The Unit of Life Test No-7

NEET Foundation Class VIII-Botany-Cell The Unit of Life

1. Hair like outgrowths of the cell membrane which work like oars are


2. The core of the cilium (or) the flagellum is called


3. The core of the cilium/flagellum is composed of


4. 9+2 array of microtubules is found in the core of


5. Number of radial spokes found in the axonema of cilium/flagellum is


6. In the axoneme of cilium, the pair of central microtubules are connected to peripheral microtubules(doublet) by


7. Centriole like structure that produces cilium or flagellum is called


8. The membrane less space present nearer to the nucleus in animal cell is


9. Number of centrioles present in a centrosomes


10. The fibrils present as the structural component of centrosome are made up of


11. The proteinaceous central part of the proximal region of the centriole is


12. Component of centrosome that gives rise to spindle apparatus during cell division in animal cells


13. The term chromatin was coined by


14. Chromatin found in the nucleus is a


15. The nucleoprotein fibres present in the interphase nucleus are


16. One or more spherical bodies found in the matrix of nucleus are called


17. Number of unit membranes that bound the nucleus are


18. The space between the two membranes of nucleara envelope is