Cell The Unit of Life Test No-5

NEET Foundation Class VIII-Botany-Cell The Unit of Life

1. Hydrolytic enzymes present in the lysosome are optimally active at


2. The membrane bound fluid filled space found in the cytoplasm of a cell is


3. The unit membrane present around the vacuole is called


4. A large number of ions and other materials are transported into the vacuole by


5. Contractile vacuole is important for excretion in


6. Food vacuoles are usually found in


7. The number of unit membranes which bound the mitochondria are


8. The continuous unfolded limited boundary of mitochondria is


9. The surface area of mitochondria can be increased by


10. Site of aerobic part of respiration in an eukaryotic cell is


11. Cell organelle which produces the cellular energy in the form of ATP is


12. Power houses of the cell is/are


13. The mitochondria divide by


14. Cell organelle exclusively found in all autotrophic plant cells and in Euglenoid is


15. Classification of plastids is mainly based on


16. Plastids with carotenoid pigments are


17. Plastids which are responsible for trapping light energy essential for photosynthesis


18. Plastids with fat soluble carotenoids only are