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Cell The Unit of Life Test No-14

NEET Foundation Class VIII-Botany-Cell The Unit of Life

1. Outer most living limit of a plant cell is


2. Which model explains selective permeability of plasma membrane ?


3. ER extends from


4. Universal cell organelles (found in all living cells) are


5. “These are regarded as “”protein factories”””


6. Cell organelles which can be seen only with electron microscope are


7. Lipochondria and Idiosomes are the alternative names of this cell organelle


8. Chtokinesis is inhibited if the following becomes non functional


9. Which of the following is described as cell within the cell or prokaryotic cell within a eukaryotic cell?


10. In Mitochondria, electron transport occurs in the


11. More mitochondria would be found in


12. Repository of cell is


13. The pigment found in vacuole that imparts blue, red or violet colours is


14. Suicidal bags of a cell were discovered by


15. Digestion of foreign particles within the cell by lysosomes is called


16. What is untrue about lysosomes?


17. The cell organelle that reduces the number of other cell organelles is


18. “Nucleus is often described as “”cell brain”” because “