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Cell The Unit of Life Test No-13

NEET Foundation Class VIII-Botany-Cell The Unit of Life

1. Number of centromeres present in acentric chromosome


2. Anthocyanins impart the following colours


3. Major cell wall material present in the cell wall of fungal cells is


4. Leucoplast does not contain
A) Chlorophylls
B) Carotene
C) Xanthophylls
D) Anthocyanin


5. The two subunits of ribosomes get associated in the presence of the following ion


6. Tonoplasm is made up of
(I) H2O
(II) Metabolic bye products
(III) Secretory substances
(IV) Excretory materials


7. Arrange the following cells in an ascending order based on their size.
i) Mycoplasma
ii) Ostrich egg
iii) Human RBC
iv) Bacterium


8. Structural, functional and hereditary unit of all living organisms is


9. Single, circular, naked, coiled DNA molecule of a prokaryote represents


10. The study of cells is evolved into a branch of science with the


11. The scope of cell theory was extended by


12. Living cells having a distinct cell wall were first discovered by Leeuwenhoek are


13. Middle lamellum is chemically rich in


14. Cell plate which transforms into middle lamellum is secreted by


15. Thin areas in the primary wall are called


16. Highly rigid cell wall in the following is


17. The structure that acts as intercellular cementing substance and binds adjacent cells together is


18. The seat of a number of biologoical process in a cell is