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Cell The Unit of Life Test No-12

NEET Foundation Class VIII-Botany-Cell The Unit of Life

1. Prokaryaotic cell differs with eukaryotic cell in not having


2. Cell theory is not applicable to


3. Similar characater between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells is


4. Secondary cell wall is present between


5. Which of the following is a function of cell wall?


6. Proplastids form


7. Circular DNA, RNA fragments and 70S ribosomes are seen in


8. Potential energy is converted into kinetic energy by


9. Mitochondrion is semiautonous cell organelle due to the presence of


10. Endomembrane components are
B) Mitochondria
C) Repository of cell
D) Chloroplast
Suicidal bags of cell


11. Densely stained structure near the nucleus is


12. The tern Endoplasmic reticulm was given by


13. Following cell organcelle is involved in the formation of cell plate


14. Trimorphic cellorganelle is


15. Hydrolysing enzymes are present in


16. Polymorphic cell organells are


17. Universal cell organelles are


18. Nucleolus is absent in