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Quiz No:3

Questions No:1

Majority of members are decomposers of litter and help in mineral recycling in this class of fungui

[A] Ascomycetes

[B] Deuteromycetes

[C] Phycomycetes

[D] Basidiomycetes

Questions No:2

Organisms that often bloom in polluted water bodies

[A] Archaebacteria

[B] Eubacteria

[C] Mycoplasma

[D] Cyanobacteria

Questions No:3

The protein coat of virus is called

[A] Capsule

[B] Capsomere

[C] Capsid

[D] Cypsela

Questions No:4

The viruses which infect bacteria are known as

[A] Zoophages

[B] Bacteriophages

[C] Cyanophages

[D] Phytophages

Questions No:5

TMV was crystallised by

[A] Beijerinck

[B] Pasteur

[C] W.M. Stanley

[D] Franklin

Questions No:6

Viroids differ from viruses

[A] In absence of RNA

[B] In the presence of DNA

[C] In the absence of a protein coat

[D] In the presence of nucleic acid and protein

Questions No:7

Agaricus belongs to the class

[A] Ascomycetes

[B] Phycomycetes

[C] Basidiomycetes

[D] Deuteromycetes

Questions No:8

In fungi, the cell wall is mainly composed of

[A] Pectin

[B] Cellulose.

[C] Hemicellulose

[D] Chitin

Questions No:9

Viruses are explained as ‘contagium vivum fluidum’ by

[A] Beijerinck –

[B] Pasteur

[C] Stanley

[D] Ivanowsky

Questions No:10

Viroids were discovered by

[A] Prusiner

[B] Diener

[C] Pasteur

[D] Felix d’ Herelle

Questions No:11

Which of these are viral diseases ?

[A] Polio, mumps

[B] Influenza, small pox

[C] Chiken pox, measles

[D] All

Questions No:12

Genetic material of virus is


[B] Protein


[D] 1 or 3

Questions No:13

Protistans are connecting link between

[A] Fungi and animals

[B] plants and animals

[C] monerans and kingdoms of multicellular organisms

[D] Bacteria and plants

Questions No:14

Decomposer protists are

[A] Dinoflagellates

[B] Protozoans

[C] Chrysophytes

[D] Slime moulds

Questions No:15

Kingdom fungi includes organisms that are

[A] Achlorophyllous

[B] Non vascular

[C] Flower bearing

[D] 1 & 2

Questions No:16

Lichens are

[A] Parasites

[B] Saprophytes

[C] Symbionts

[D] Chemotrophs

Questions No:17

Heterotrophic eukaryotes without cell wall are included in

[A] Monera

[B] Fungi

[C] Animalia

[D] Protista

Questions No:18

Rust fungus is included in the class

[A] Deuteromycetes

[B] Phycomycetes

[C] Ascomycetes

[D] Basidiomycetes

Questions No:19

Genetic material in Animal virus is mostly


[B] DNA or RNA


[D] always ds DNA

Questions No:20

Fungal partner in lichens is called

[A] Phycobiont

[B] Mycorrhiza

[C] Mycobiont

[D] Host