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Quiz No:12

Questions No:1

Ergot of Rye is caused by a species of

[A] Ustilago

[B] Claviceps

[C] Erysiphe

[D] Phytophthora

Questions No:2

Laboratory weed/Guinea pig of plant kingdom is

[A] Neurospora

[B] Chara

[C] Aspergillus

[D] Penicillium

Questions No:3

An ascomycetes fungus is

[A] Yeast

[B] Phytophthora

[C] Pleurotes

[D] Agaricus

Questions No:4

Which one of the following statements about viruses is correct ?

[A] Virus possess their own metabolic system

[B] All viruses contain both RNA and DNA

[C] Viruses are obligate parasites

[D] Nucleic acid of viruses is known as capsid

Questions No:5

Viruses possess

[A] DNA only

[B] either DNA or RNA

[C] protein only

[D] ammo acid and protein

Questions No:6

Viroids have

[A] single-stranded RNA not enclosed by protein coat

[B] single-stranded DNA not enclosed by protein coat

[C] double-stranded DNA enclosed by protein coat

[D] double-stranded RNA enclosed by protein coat

Questions No:7

Prion consist mainly of

[A] Protein



[D] both 2 and 3

Questions No:8

Viruses as ‘contagium vivum fluidum’ was said by

[A] Meyer

[B] Stanley

[C] Beijerink

[D] Ivanowsky

Questions No:9

Who discovered viroids ?

[A] Stanley B. Prusiner

[B] Diener

[C] Findlay

[D] McCallum

Questions No:10


[A] nucleic acid of virus

[B] antiviral agent

[C] protein of virus

[D] completely assembled virus

Questions No:11

Viruses were first crystallized and isolated by

[A] Ivanowsky

[B] Bawden

[C] W.M. Stanley

[D] Smith

Questions No:12

Genetic material of TMV is

[A] ss-DNA

[B] ds-DNA

[C] ss-RNA

[D] ds-RNA

Questions No:13

Which of these are viral diseases

[A] influenza, mumps and measles

[B] smallpox and chickenpox

[C] polio and hydrophobia

[D] all of the above

Questions No:14

The protein coat of virus of called

[A] capsid

[B] cosmid

[C] capsomere

[D] chromosphere

Questions No:15

Virus multiplies in

[A] living tissue

[B] soil

[C] culture medium

[D] dead tissue

Questions No:16

The literal meaning of virus is

[A] Venom

[B] Poison

[C] Secretion

[D] all of these

Questions No:17

A virus can be considered as living entity because it

[A] Reproduces (inside the host)

[B] Can cause disease

[C] Response to touch stimulus

[D] shows metabolism